- Use Qlik Tapular Reporting to distribute reports effortlessly.
- Access governed and curated assets in Qlik Sense and bring them into Excel using the add-in.
- Upload a recipient list and create a report task to send out your report template.
- Easily manage and customize the distribution of your reports.
- Automate the process to send out reports every time your app reloads.
- Keep track of unfulfilled orders and take necessary action. 📊📧🚀

Simple Report Distribution with Qlik Tabular Reporting - Do More with Qlik


Easy setupMultiple steps
Utilizes existing assets in Click senseRequires some technical knowledge
Customizable distribution list and report templateAdditional steps to learn the process

📊 Setting up Distribution List and Report Task

In this video, we will explore how to set up a distribution list and report task using Qlik Tabular Reporting. The process involves the utilization of existing assets in Click sense and bringing them directly into the Excel template.

The first step is to add recipients and groups to the distribution list. This can be done by uploading an Excel file with the required format of groups, usernames, and email addresses. Once uploaded, the data is automatically loaded into the data model, making it easier to manage the distribution list.

Tip: When using the sample Excel file, it's important to ensure the proper order of the distribution list. It's recommended to move the distribution list to the top of the data files to avoid any potential issues.

📃 Creating Report Templates

Next, we need to create a report template within the Excel online interface using the add-in. The template can then be uploaded, and a report task can be generated by providing a title, file name, email subject, and body. Additionally, the report can be sent as an attachment and automatically scheduled for distribution.

报价: "The process of setting up a report task involves multiple steps, but the end result provides a customizable and automated distribution of reports."

Tip: It's essential to pay attention to the format, filters, and groups within the report template to ensure accurate and relevant data distribution.

💡 Conclusion

By following the steps outlined in this video, you can effectively set up a distribution list and report task for tabular reporting in Qlik. This method allows for the seamless integration of existing assets and the automation of report distribution, enhancing the overall efficiency of data reporting processes.


  1. Q: Is it possible to schedule report distribution at specific intervals?

    • A: Yes, the report task can be scheduled to send out reports based on specific time intervals, ensuring regular distribution.
  2. Q: Can the distribution list be updated with new recipients and groups?

    • A: Yes, the distribution list can be easily updated with new data, allowing for flexible management of recipients and groups.

🌟 The next video will cover additional tips and tricks for creating and managing report templates in Qlik. Stay tuned!



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