Wow, what a mysterious RPA purchase! 😲🀩

Bought a Baker Mayfield Rookie Patch Auto, betting on his playoff success! 🏈😎 As a Cleveland fan, it’s a risky move, but can’t resist a good investment! Planning to send it to PSA for grading, excited for the results. Stay tuned for more updates on my card collection! Remember to like, subscribe, and engage in the comments. Happy collecting! πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Key Takeaways 🀩😲

  • A football fan celebrates reaching over a thousand subscribers with a mysterious new purchase.
  • The latest addition to the collection is a Baker Mayfield Auto rookie patch card, featuring 13 out of 49 three patches and a stunning autograph.
  • The decision to purchase the card is influenced by the upcoming NFL playoffs and the possibility of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl.
  • There are plans to submit the card to a grading company and potentially create future content around the process.

New Addition to the Collection 🏈

The recent purchase from investor Treasures marks an exciting development for the channel and its growing community. The Baker Mayfield Auto rookie patch card is a significant addition, with its limited edition 13 out of 49 three patches setting it apart from other collectibles. The inclusion of the autograph adds a personal touch to the card, making it a valuable piece for any fan or collector.

Edition13 out of 49
AutographBaker Mayfield

Support for Baker Mayfield πŸŽ‰

As a Cleveland native and dedicated Browns fan, the creator of investor Treasures shares their support for Baker Mayfield. Despite the ongoing debates about the team’s decision to trade him, the sentiment remains positive, with hopes for a successful playoff run. The admiration for Mayfield’s hard-nosed playing style and the respect for his abilities contribute to the decision to add his rookie patch card to the collection.

"I don’t hate the guy, I actually respect him. He’s a hard-nosed player, and I wish him luck if they win the Super Bowl."

Plans for the New Purchase πŸ†

This new addition paves the way for potential future content on investor Treasures, with plans to document the process of submitting the card to a grading company. The anticipation of receiving the graded card and presenting it to the audience adds to the excitement surrounding this latest acquisition. The decision to include worn memorabilia in the card further emphasizes the value and authenticity of the purchase.

  • Stay tuned for upcoming videos documenting the submission of the card for grading.
  • The worn memorabilia adds an extra layer of authenticity to the collectible, making it a significant addition to the collection.

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