Incremental data is like the gift that keeps on giving to your data warehouse. With Alex's pattern, new data gets added to the operational system, flows into the staging tables, and voila, your data warehouse gets updated without any hassle. It's like magic, but with SQL and pipelines. And hey, stay tuned for more videos on semantic models and data loading tricks! 🎩🔮

The text discusses the process of incrementally loading data into a warehouse using data flows and pipelines. The author explains that they got inspired by a blog post and a video by Mr. Alex Pyus and decided to create a two-part video series. They go on to explain the process of adding new data to the operational system, configuring a pipeline to update Max IDs, running data flows, and utilizing stored procedures to orchestrate the movement of data into the warehouse.

📈 Data Incremental Loading Process

In the recent video, the author has discussed their approach to incrementally loading data into the warehouse using data flows and pipelines inspired by Mr. Alex Pyus. This article will provide an overview of the intricate process involved in updating Max IDs, running data flows, and orchestrating the movement of data.

🔍 Adding Incremental Data

The author shows how new data is added to the operational system, particularly focusing on the data flow pattern and how it can be reused utilizing dates or auto-incrementing columns.

🛠 Configuring Pipelines

By diving into the configuration of pipelines, the article explains how data flows are executed and how the corresponding staging tables in the data warehouse are populated, shedding light on the incremental processing.

🏗 Orchestration of Data Movement

The staging pipeline and store procedures are examined in detail, illustrating the process of clearing stage tables, repopulating data, and loading dimensions and fact tables.

💾 Utilization of Stored Procedures

The article delves into the functionality of the store procedures involved, detailing their role in loading dimensions and fact tables. The author explains the process of simulating auto-incrementing surrogate keys and joining tables to load data into the fact tables.

📊 Warehouse Loading Process

The author provides a comprehensive overview of the pipeline that clears and loads stage tables, creating a seamless data loading process in the warehouse. Notably, the utilization of semantic models will be explored in future videos.

📹 Conclusion

The article concludes by hinting at future videos covering semantic models and additional insights into the data loading process. The author seeks feedback and encourages viewers to engage with their content, demonstrating a commitment to delivering valuable information.

Key Takeaways

  • Incremental data loading using data flows and pipelines
  • Configuring staging pipelines and utilizing store procedures for data movement
  • Exploration of semantic models and continued content creation on the subject


  • Q: What is the process of incrementally loading data into the warehouse?
    A: The article provides a detailed overview of configuring pipelines, clearing stage tables, and loading data into the warehouse, all accomplished using data flows and store procedures.

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