Upgrade your full 3D Box Custom for just 500 million, only at Antiva Audio Jember!

Antiva Audio in Jember is pushing the limits of sound with their custom 3D Box system, creating a mind-blowing experience for music lovers. With a total investment of nearly 100 million Rupiah and 24 speakers ready to rock, this upgrade is set to make waves. The owner’s dedication to perfection, even incorporating pink color per customer request, shows the full support for delivering an extraordinary experience. Get ready to feel the vibes in full force πŸ’₯πŸ”Š

πŸ”Š Upgrade Process at Antiva Audio

At the markas of 3D box custom, the owner of Antiva Audio is having a full upgrade of the sound system which includes finishing, mounting, and checking sound for the sound system.

πŸŽ›οΈ Antiva Audio Sound System Overview

  • The package costs R9 million per box with the sound system including a total of 10-inch SPL audio per box.

πŸ“¦ Installation Process

The box is still in the process as it is still missing three SPL speakers, which includes a finishing installation.

At Antiva, the sound system is fully supported and is about 100% ready. The cost of the system has almost reached 100 million Indonesian rupiahs and will include power midle and a total of 8 additional speakers.

πŸ€” FAQ from Antiva Audio Owner

  • When did Antiva Audio begin the upgrade process and what are the significant steps taken in the process?
  • How many speakers and power systems remain to be installed?
  • When is the projected timeline of the completion of the installation process?

πŸ’‘ Conclusion

The completion of the full upgrade at Antiva Audio promises to deliver a unique and versatile sound system that will cater to a variety of events and functions. With a robust upgrade process underway, the sound system is expected to reach its full potential and offer an excellent sound experience to its users.

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