Upgrade Alert: Zapier Boosts Your Plan at No Cost

Zapier just gave you an amazing deal! You now get their $50/month plan for the same price as the starter plan. That’s unlimited premium apps, faster zap polling times, and advanced zap settings. Plus, they simplified their pricing by eliminating the starter plan. And for enterprise users, there are now restricted actions, better analytics, improved observability, zap versioning, and enhanced onboarding and support options. Enjoy the new benefits of Zapier’s professional plan today! 🎉

Zapier has just announced a major upgrade to its pricing plan, and it’s all good news for users! Unlike other no-code tools that force you to pay double or leave the platform, Zapier is offering its $50/month Professional plan at the same price as the $20/month Starter plan.

What’s New in the Upgraded Plan?

If you’re currently on the Starter plan, you’ll receive an email informing you of the upgrade. The new plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited premium apps
  • Reduced 2-minute zap polling time
  • Conditional zaps with paths
  • Advanced zap settings
  • Custom notifications
  • Flood protection settings
  • Error ratio settings
  • Customized polling intervals

Simplified Pricing and Enterprise Features

Zapier has eliminated the Starter plan, making the pricing more straightforward. The Enterprise plan now offers new features that allow teams to control the environment and manage user access. These include:

  • Restricted actions for certain users or groups
  • Better access to analytics and observability
  • Zap versioning with side-by-side comparisons
  • Enhanced onboarding and support options
  • Centralized location for better alerting

Key Takeaways

  • Zapier is offering its Professional plan at the same price as the Starter plan.
  • The upgraded plan includes unlimited premium apps and advanced zap settings.
  • The Enterprise plan offers new features for better control and observability.
  • The pricing is now simplified with only one plan to choose from.


Q: Will my current plan be automatically upgraded to the Professional plan?
A: Yes, if you’re currently on the Starter plan, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the upgrade.

Q: How do I access the Enterprise plan?
A: Visit the Zapier pricing page for more information on the Enterprise plan and how to upgrade.

Q: Will my zaps be affected by the upgrade?
A: No, your zaps will continue to work as usual with the added benefits of the upgraded plan.

In conclusion, Zapier’s upgraded plan is a great deal for users, offering more features at the same price. The simplified pricing and new Enterprise features make it easier for teams to manage and control their automation environment. Upgrade to the Professional plan today and see the benefits for yourself!

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