Unveiling the Truth: Testing Viral Cooking Gadgets for Success

Testing out cheap kitchen gadgets – some are dodgy, some are cool. Spiralizer gets 1.5 stars, tomato slicer gets 3.5 stars, leaf remover gets 1 star, garlic skin remover and chopper get 4 and 4.5 stars, spoon clip gets 5 stars, pan colander gets 4.5 stars, waffle fry maker gets 5 stars, onion slicer gets 3.7 stars, finger protector gets 3 stars, sushi roll maker gets 4 stars, vegetable cutter gets 0 stars (broke), and spring slicer gets 3 stars. Let me know in the comments which gadgets you recommend!

Are They Good?

Today, I’m going to be testing out various kitchen gadgets to see if they live up to the hype. Some of these gadgets look really dodgy, while others seem quite intriguing. Let’s see if they work as advertised.

Spiralizer for Cucumbers πŸ₯’

SpiralizesDifficult to use
PrettyDifficult to clean

I attempted to spiralize a cucumber with this gadget, and the end result was actually quite impressive. However, the process was difficult, and it was a bit of a disaster trying to get the cucumber out. Overall, not a very practical or useful product.

Tomato Slicer πŸ…

  • Easy to use
  • Messy slices
  • Great for slicing multiple tomatoes at once

This gadget does what it claims to do, which is to slice tomatoes effortlessly. However, the slices were a bit messy. It’s a good idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

Leaf Remover 🍁

This gadget is supposed to easily remove leaves from the stem, but unfortunately, it did not work as intended. The whole process was quite challenging, and the end result was not satisfactory at all. Not worth it.

Garlic Gadgets πŸ§„

  • Helps to avoid garlic smell on hands
  • Effective in peeling garlic
  • Efficient in chopping garlic

Both of these gadgets for garlic proved to be quite useful. They effectively removed the skin and chopped the garlic without any hassle. A practical addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen Pan Gadgets 🍲

Spoon Holder

This simple gadget clips onto the pan to hold the spoon, preventing it from making a mess on the counter. A handy and effective tool for any kitchen.

Half-Circle Colander

  • Effective in draining water
  • Ideal for small portions

This colander attachment is useful for draining water from small portions, but it may not be as stable with larger quantities. Overall, a practical tool for everyday cooking.

Waffle Fries Maker 🍟

This contraption was able to create waffle-shaped fries, replicating the taste of a popular fast-food chain’s specialty. A fun and functional gadget that produced great results.

Sushi Roll Maker 🍣

This roll maker was a bit challenging to use, and my attempt resulted in a sushi taco rather than a proper sushi roll. The gadget has potential, but it requires clear instructions for optimal use.

Vegetable Cutter

Unfortunately, this gadget broke upon first use and was also found to be unsanitary. Not recommended.

Spring Slicer

  • Easy to use
  • Imperfect slices

This gadget proved to be quite efficient in chopping carrots, although the slices weren’t perfect. Overall, a decent tool for those who struggle with using a knife.


In conclusion, while some gadgets showed promise, others were disappointing. It’s essential to carefully consider the practicality and efficiency of kitchen gadgets before making a purchase. I hope you enjoyed this testing video, and remember to share your recommendations for other gadgets to try. Thank you for watching!

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