Unraveling Cloud Computing: Latest Trends & Forecasts | By Anthony Assi | Episode 1

Cloud computing is like owning a car vs. taking a taxi or a lift. It’s all about the convenience and cost savings, with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. And with the pace of innovation in the cloud, your old tech is like trying to keep up with a sports car in a race. The future of AI on the cloud is going to be a game-changer, empowering us to transform industries and tackle new challenges. We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. πŸš€ #CloudComputing #Innovation #AI

Key Takeaways

Cloud ComputingThe model is about how users pay for specific services and infrastructure without having to worry about the technical details.
Career in Cloud ComputingAnthony Assi shares his journey of working in the cloud computing field and how it has evolved over the years.
Cloud StorageThe cost and accessibility of cloud storage have drastically changed over the years, making it a viable option for businesses and personal use.
Security in Cloud ComputingThe responsibility for security in a cloud environment is shared between the cloud service provider and the consumer.

Demystifying Cloud Computing πŸŒ₯

In a recent episode, Anthony Assi discussed cloud computing and its impact on various industries. He emphasized that cloud computing is a consumption-based model that allows users to pay only for the services and infrastructure they require. This was a great insight into how cloud computing simplifies the IT infrastructure and focuses on the end-user experience.

A Journey into the Cloud πŸš€

Anthony shared his journey of working in cloud computing, highlighting how it evolved from being a complex and expensive field to becoming a commodity that everyone can access. His experience in dealing with infrastructures and sharing applications showcased the rapid evolution of cloud computing and its impact on various industries.

Cloud Evolution and Personal Experience πŸ’»

Anthony also shed light on the evolution of cloud storage, emphasizing the significant cost reductions and improved accessibility. He recalls the days when a single megabyte of data storage on a floppy disk was expensive, and how today, cloud services offer a significantly lower cost for storage. This transformation has undoubtedly made an impact on businesses and personal users alike.

Personal RecommendationAnthony recommends acquiring certifications in computer science and cloud computing to stay abreast with the evolving technology.

Security and Future Predictions πŸ”’

Discussing the shared responsibility for security in cloud computing, Anthony explained how cloud service providers and consumers both play a crucial role in ensuring data security. He also made intriguing predictions about the future of cloud computing, emphasizing the increasing role of artificial intelligence and its impact on cloud technology.


In conclusion, Anthony’s insights into cloud computing and its evolution paint a clear picture of the rapid changes and advancements in the industry. The future predictions and evolution of cloud technology are exciting and offer numerous opportunities for those entering the field.


Q: What is the core concept of cloud computing?

A: Cloud computing revolves around users paying for specific services and infrastructure without having to worry about the technical details.

Q: How has cloud storage evolved over the years?

A: Cloud storage costs have significantly reduced while accessibility has increased, making it a viable option for personal and business use.

Q: What are the key predictions for the future of cloud computing?

A: Cloud computing is expected to see increased integration with artificial intelligence, driving significant advancements in the industry.

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