Unlock the Power of GPT-4 to Control Minecraft Bots with Mineflayer API

Harness the power of GPT-4 in Minecraft bots to streamline wood harvesting! πŸŒ³πŸ€– Test their memory and coordination by commanding them in natural language. Witness their teamwork as they chop down trees simultaneously. The possibilities are endless for these AI companions in the digital world! Subscribe for more mind-blowing demonstrations! πŸš€

Key Takeaways
GPT-4 integration in Minecraft bots
Demonstrated commands and capabilities of GPT-4 in Minecraft
Memory capabilities of bots with internal GPT instances
Future possibilities for bot coordination and communication
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πŸ€– Demo: Command Bots with GPT-4 (Minecraft | Mineflayer API)

🌲 Harvesting Trees 🌳

In this demo, I’ll be showcasing how to integrate GPT-4 into Minecraft bots for tree harvesting tasks. The bots can follow commands in both natural language and traditional slash commands to perform various actions like coming to the player, chopping down trees, and storing resources.

Starting the Demo

To begin the demo, I spawn in the first bot, Alpha, and command it to come to the player using the natural language feature of GPT-4.

Come to player
Chop down that tree
Put the wood logs in the chest

πŸ”§ GPT-4 Integration

The GPT-4 integration allows bots to process natural language commands and execute actions accordingly. For instance, asking Alpha to chop down a tree dynamically breaks the blocks, collects the wood, and stores it in a chest. The bots can also provide information about the actions performed, such as the number of logs harvested.

Memory and Storage

Each bot has its internal GPT instance and memory, enabling them to remember past actions. By utilizing the store command, the bots can store resources in designated chests for future use or retrieval.

🌿 Multi-Bot Harvesting 🌲

To showcase the capabilities of multiple bots working in tandem, I spawn in two additional bots, Beta and Gamma, to harvest wood simultaneously. Each bot communicates with its own GPT instance and thread, allowing them to coordinate their actions efficiently.

Harvest a tree
Collect the wood
Store wood in chests

πŸ’‘ Future Possibilities

This demo highlights the potential for creating a team of coordinated bots to perform complex tasks efficiently. Future integrations could include assigning specific roles to bots, strategic coordination, and task delegation within the Minecraft environment.


The integration of GPT-4 in Minecraft bots opens up a world of possibilities for automating tasks, enhancing gameplay, and exploring new ways to interact with AI. Stay tuned for more exciting demonstrations and tutorials on AI integration in gaming.

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