Unleash the Power of Claude 3 AI with Free Apps Script for Sheets

  • Free Apps Script unlocks Claude 3 AI Brilliance in Google Sheets 🌟
  • Set up CLA 3 AI model in browser console with step-wise configuration
  • Gain $5 free credits by clicking on plans and billing option
  • Generate API key, integrate with Google spreadsheet using app script
  • Run the script, authorize permission, add trigger for automated response
  • Experience the magic of CLA 3 AI generating responses based on prompts πŸš€
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Integrating the CLA 3 AI Model with a Spreadsheet

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to integrate the CLA 3 AI model with a spreadsheet using a free Google app script with step-wise configuration.

Accessing the CLA 3 AI Model

To initiate the configuration, go to the browser and search for console.anthropic.com. Once in the dashboard section, navigate to the workbench section to access the model settings, where you can select any of the available AI models – Claude instant 1.2, CLA 2.0, CLA 2.1, CLA 3, Sonet colud 3, and Opus. You can also set the temperature and tokens of these AI models to customize their predictions.

Claude instant 1.20.750
CLA 2.00.660

Setting Up the API Key

Once you have accessed the model settings, move towards the settings section and click on the plans and billing option. Here, you can claim free credits by following the steps provided, and then proceed to the API Keys option to generate a new key for integration.

"By claiming the free credits, you can kickstart your AI integration experience without any additional cost."

Configuring Google Spreadsheet Integration

After generating the API key, open the Google spreadsheet you wish to integrate with CLA 3 AI. Then, navigate to the extension button and select the app script option to open the coding section.

Adding the App Script Code

Save the project with an appropriate name and paste the provided app script code, including the copied API key for integration. Once the code is pasted, authorize permissions and run the script to ensure proper execution.

Project NameAPI Key
AI Integration ProjectXXXXXXXXXX

Adding Automation Triggers

After running the script, click on the trigger button to add automation triggers for the desired event sources. Authorize permissions again and refresh the spreadsheet to see the automated columns created, allowing for seamless prompt and response generation.

"Integrating CLA 3 AI with Google Sheets empowers you to automate various tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity."


The integration of the CLA 3 AI model with Google Sheets using a free app script offers a powerful solution for automating tasks and generating AI-enabled responses directly within the spreadsheet environment. By following the provided tutorial, users can harness the capabilities of CLA 3 AI for enhanced productivity and creativity.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrating CLA 3 AI with Google Sheets using app script
  • Customizing AI model settings for predictions
  • Claiming free credits for AI model usage
  • Adding triggers for automation in Google Sheets

Q: Can I integrate CLA 3 AI with multiple Google Sheets?
A: Yes, the process allows for seamless integration with multiple spreadsheets.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in unlocking the brilliance of Claude 3 AI through app script integration. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful tutorials! 🌐

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