Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Instagram Data Science Case Study Interview

Instagram’s considering a messaging revamp. Potential risks could lead to inbox chaos from third-party spam or privacy breaches. Revenue generation possibilities are enticing, but tech feasibility and user satisfaction must be weighed. Long-term strategic alignment and user retention are key. A well-thought-out roadmap is essential for success. Exciting times ahead! πŸš€ #Innovation #UserExperience #PrivacyConcerns #RevenueGeneration #TechFeasibility #StrategicAlignment

Key Takeaways

  • Use the case study method to break down your thinking into steps when answering a case study interview question.
  • Understand the product you are interviewing for as much as possible before the interview.
  • Analyze potential benefits, risks, and metrics when evaluating a proposed change.
  • Conduct surveys and get feedback from users to evaluate potential changes to user experience.
  • Consider privacy implications and comply with any protection regulations.
  • Think about revenue possibilities, technical feasibility, and long-term strategic alignment when evaluating a proposed change.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the product, users, and technical considerations when making recommendations.
  • Be flexible and logical when answering interview questions.


When answering a case study interview question for the role of a data scientist on Instagram’s product team, a product manager proposes changing the platform’s messaging system to allow interactions with other platforms and third-party businesses. The goal is to evaluate the potential benefits and risks of this change.


User Experience πŸ€”

The first area to consider is user experience. Conduct surveys and get feedback from users to determine if they would even want this kind of new change to the messaging system. If users tell you they don’t want it, then introducing functionality would not be a good idea. Evaluate the potential impact of the change on user engagement and user satisfaction. Keep in mind that the inbox could become cluttered if businesses are allowed to contact users, potentially degrading the user experience. Additionally, there is a risk of users receiving spam from businesses, which could increase the load on the system. Consider how users would interact with multiple platforms seamlessly and ensure that they have a seamless experience within a single application.

Privacy πŸ”’

When evaluating a proposed change, it is important to consider privacy implications and comply with any protection regulations. Allowing third-party businesses to access user data could increase the risk of privacy breaches. Ensure that third-party partners take privacy seriously and have the means to ensure the protection of user data. Integrations with more points of entry could increase the risk of hackers. Conversely, adding more privacy features could make the application more secure.

Revenue πŸ’°

Revenue possibilities should also be evaluated. Analyze the potential for new revenue streams and partnerships. Consider how revenue sharing would work if a transaction happens on Instagram but is completed with another platform, such as Grubhub. Different models and their potential impacts on Instagram’s finances should be evaluated.

Feasibility πŸ› οΈ

Technical feasibility should be evaluated when considering a proposed change. Consider the technical requirements and the cost of changes to the codebase, especially if third-party applications are involved. Evaluate the resource requirement in terms of money and talent needed to deploy the change. Ensure that the appropriate talent is available to develop, maintain, and support the new feature. Consider technical debt, which refers to the ways in which past decisions impact the present.

Strategic Alignment 🎯

Finally, long-term strategic alignment should be evaluated. Consider whether the proposed change complements existing features and enhances Instagram’s market position. Look at what other apps that are similar to Instagram are doing and whether they are moving in this direction. Evaluate the impact on retaining users and whether the proposed change will give Instagram an opportunity to grow the platform. Keep in mind that more features on the platform could lead to increased user engagement.


After analyzing the potential benefits, risks, and metrics, make recommendations. If the proposed change aligns with Instagram’s long-term strategic goals and is technically feasible, then a roadmap for implementation should be created. Consider creating smaller milestones for the rollout of the new feature, such as introducing it in one market or with one partner. Ensure that potential mitigations for any risks or challenges are considered.


What is the case study method?

The case study method is a way to break down your thinking into steps when answering a case study

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