Tutorial: Adding text/overlay behind an image in CapCut

Adding text/overlay behind a video: Finish your video, add text, then export. Add a black overlay, export again. Use the filter to remove the black. Remove the audio and copy the clip as an overlay. Use the remove background tool to crop the area you want to show. Be careful with moving images. Also, change the layer order if needed. Hope this helps! 👍


In this tutorial, we will be covering the process of adding text or overlays behind character models or objects in a video using CapCut.

Getting Started

To get started, ensure that your video is already finished and the text is laid out as per your preferences. Additionally, have a black overlay ready to cover the video.

Quick Tip: The video exporting process should be completed first before removing the black overlay.

Exporting the Video

After ensuring that your video is finished, proceed to export it. Then, remove the black overlay and replace it with the downloaded video. Go to the ‘Splice’ option and click on ‘Filter’ to eliminate the black, leaving only the text visible.

Editing the Video

Once the black overlay is removed and the text is visible, proceed to make necessary adjustments. Additionally, remove any audio to avoid double volume. To ensure the text is visible, duplicate the clip and use it as an overlay.

Removing Background and Adjustments

After duplicating the clip, proceed to the ‘Remove Background’ option. Use the cropping tool to brush over the specific part that you want to be visible in the overlay. This will allow the overlay to have your desired text and go behind the objects or characters in the video.

Quick Tip: When using the cropping tool, be cautious, especially with moving images, as it may not crop out as well as expected.

Final Touches

After using the ‘Remove Background’ tool, ensure to adjust the layers accordingly. Depending on the positioning of the layers, you may need to change the order to achieve the desired results.


In conclusion, this tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively add text behind characters or objects in your video edits using CapCut. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful, and you are now able to seamlessly incorporate text and overlays into your videos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding text/overlay behind an image using CapCut
  • Exporting and editing the video
  • Using the ‘Remove Background’ tool for adjustments


  • Q: Can this process be applied to both still and moving images?
    • A: Yes, the process works for both still and moving images, but extra caution is advised when dealing with moving images.

Thank you for watching, and we hope this tutorial has been beneficial to you. See you all another day! 🎥

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