Transition from hotel management to junior DevOps engineer: navigating the reality of fake experience and switching from a non-IT to IT background.

From Hotel Management to DevOps Engineer, Grandy’s inspiring journey proves that genuine effort trumps fake experience. With a supportive community and dedication, he conquered the challenge of switching careers, proving that anyone can do it. His success is a testament to the power of learning and applying knowledge, not fake experience. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


The given text outlines the journey of Grandy, who transitioned from hotel management to a career in IT, specifically as a Junior DevOps Engineer. It details his experiences, challenges, and the steps he took to achieve this career shift.

Key Takeaways

Career TransitionFrom hotel management to IT, Grandy navigates a new career path
Learning Cloud TechnologiesOvercoming challenges of non-IT background to embrace cloud technology
Job Search StrategiesUtilizing online platforms, networking, and self-learning to find job opportunities

Transitioning from a Non-IT Background πŸ”€

In the initial phase of his career, Grandy completed his management studies and gained experience in the same domain for a few years. After working a marketing job for one year, he felt disconnected from his career goals and sought a change. His shift from hotel management to IT was prompted by a friend’s suggestion, igniting his interest in cloud and development technologies.

Embracing Cloud Technologies πŸ’»

Grandy delved into learning AWS and DevOps, leveraging online resources and immersing himself in self-study. Despite coming from a non-IT background, he found motivation in the promising nature of cloud technology and its increasing relevance in the global context.

Transition from Hardware to SoftwareIntensive self-learning and research
Understanding DevOps EcosystemExploration of online demos and career pathways
Gaining Technical ProficiencyInvesting in a personal laptop for practical learning

Navigating Career Gaps and Job Opportunities 🌟

Navigating through career gaps, Grandy actively sought opportunities through various online platforms, particularly focusing on startup and medium-sized companies. By incorporating tips and tricks shared by professionals, he strategically connected with recruiters and diligently applied for job openings.

β€œI focused more on learning and applying for jobs in tech startups. Additionally, I utilized LinkedIn to connect with real-time working professionals, which eventually led to job prospects.” – Grandy

Information Sharing within the Community

While pursuing job opportunities, Grandy actively contributed to an online community by sharing relevant job openings and acting as a bridge for potential career prospects.

Job Interview Experiences and Skill Showcase 🀝

During his interview processes, Grandy was faced with multiple interview rounds, showcasing his technical projects and knowledge gained from hands-on experiences. Emphasizing the significance of practical skills, he highlighted automated projects in AWS and DevOps, signaling his dedication to the field.

Project HighlightsTools
Automated AWS ProjectsIntegration of Terraform, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines for seamless deployment
Technical Skill ShowcaseApplication of Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines with AWS and Terraform

Avoiding the Temptation of Fake Experience ❌

Despite the challenges and the pressure to artificially inflate his experience, Grandy remained determined to pursue his career path authentically, emphasizing the value of genuine knowledge and skill development.

β€œI wanted to showcase my genuine knowledge and skills rather than resorting to fake experiences. It’s essential to sustain integrity in building one’s career.” – Grandy

Holistic Family Support System πŸ‘ͺ

Grandy acknowledged the invaluable support from his family, especially from his parents and siblings, as they encouraged his pursuit of education and career growth.

Family Support HighlightsRoles
Encouragement for LearningDespite limited educational background, family prioritized his education and career choices
Inspiring Sibling JourneySibling’s successful transitions within the IT field inspired and motivated Grandy

In conclusion, Grandy’s journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and commitment in embracing career transitions, despite the challenges posed by a non-IT background.


Q: How did Grandy navigate his transition from hotel management to IT?
A: Through persistent self-learning and networking, he embraced cloud technologies and pursued opportunities in tech startups.

Q: What project highlights does Grandy showcase during job interviews?
A: He emphasizes his automated AWS projects, integrating Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines to demonstrate practical skills.

Q: How did Grandy avoid the lure of fake experience in his career switch?
A: Grandy prioritized authenticity, choosing to showcase genuine knowledge and skill development rather than resorting to artificial experience.

Q: What role did Grandy’s family play in supporting his career transition?
A: Despite limited educational backgrounds, his family provided unwavering encouragement and motivation, with sibling success stories serving as inspiration.

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