Title: “Using Notion for Planning: Setting Goals, Project Management, and Tracking

Notion is my secret weapon for planning and keeping track of my life. From setting long-term goals to managing projects and tracking my reading, it’s my go-to tool. With custom templates for yearly, quarterly, and monthly planning, it keeps me on track and focused. Plus, it’s where I manage my content creation, making it a lifesaver for my YouTube channel. And the book tracking template I found from Gridfit? A total game changer. Notion is where it’s at! πŸ“βš‘

Overview 🌟

In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways in which Notion, a versatile software, can be utilized for effective planning, goal setting, project management, and tracking. We’ll discuss how it can be optimized to streamline various tasks and boost productivity.

My Notion Setup πŸ“

Setting the Stage: My Minimalist Notion Setup πŸ–₯️

I’ve been using Notion for about 5 years now and through this journey, I’ve perfected my setup to cater to my long-term planning needs, such as goal setting, project management, and keeping track of my reading progress. While I don’t utilize all the pages at all times, I find this minimal approach truly beneficial.

Goal Setting Page Structure πŸ“…

Yearly Planner


Monthly Planning and Review πŸ—“οΈ

In-depth monthly goal setting process that involves defining action steps, organizing plans, and conducting monthly reviews. This setup makes short-term goal achievement seem more attainable and provides a well-rounded view of my progress.

"Goal setting can be intimidating, but with the right system in place, it becomes a motivating force in one’s life."

Product Management πŸ“Š

Content Planning

Utilization of the Kanban board layout for structuring and organizing YouTube video ideas, scripts, and filming plans. Cross-referencing sponsors with their respective videos provides a seamless content management system.

Short Form Content and Sponsorship Tracking

Apart from YouTube video planning, a dedicated section for short form content and cross-referencing sponsors has been highly beneficial to stay on track and maintain an organized workflow.

Reading Progress Tracking πŸ“š

Utilizing Gridfit’s Template

An efficient book tracking template from Gridfit has revolutionized the way I keep track of my reading progress. Different views of databases cater to different categories of books, their reading status, ratings, and genre.

  • "The satisfaction of seeing all the books neatly organized in various categories and ratings is unparalleled."

Conclusion 🎯

Notion’s adaptability and minimalistic approach have significantly enhanced my planning, project management, and tracking processes. It has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal, accommodating various aspects of my personal and professional life seamlessly. I hope this article sheds light on the endless possibilities Notion offers.

Key Takeaways 🌈

  • Notion is a powerful tool for long-term goal setting, project management, and reading progress tracking.
  • Utilizing Notion’s minimalistic setup has proven to be efficient and effective.
  • The versatile nature of Notion allows for seamless integration into a variety of planning and tracking processes.


  • How can I integrate Notion with other planning tools?
  • Can Notion be utilized for team project management?

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