Title: “Discontent Rises Within Karnataka BJP: Can They Match Their 2019 Success?”

Dissent brews in Karnataka BJP as ex-CM Sadananda Gowda exits, slamming BJP’s ticket denial. He vows to cleanse party but criticizes its leadership. BJP faces dissent as other leaders express disappointment. Will BJP replicate its 2019 success amid turmoil? Stay tuned for updates. 🌀 #KarnatakaBJP #PoliticalTurmoil

A Former Chief Minister Quits Politics 📉

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and BJP MP DV Sadananda GA has announced his resignation from politics. This decision comes after the BJP denied him the ticket for the Bangalore North seat, giving it to someone else. The party has now fielded Union Minister of State Shak from the same seat, which is considered a stronghold for the Hindu organization and the S Parivaar. GA expressed his disappointment in a press conference, stating that he was upset with the party’s decision.

Key Takeaways
– DV Sadananda GA has quit politics after being denied the Bangalore North seat by the BJP.
– The seat has been given to Union Minister of State Shak.
– GA has expressed his pain at the party’s decision in a press conference.

Upset with the BJP’s Decision 😔

In his statement, DV Sadananda GA expressed his disappointment at the BJP, stating that he was pained by how the party treated him. Despite this, he mentioned that he would continue to work for the BJP as it has given him everything. However, he emphasized the need to purify the party, claiming that only Southern and Garda can do so. GA also revealed that he was invited to join the Congress party, but declined, criticizing what he referred to as dictatorial leadership in politics.

Allegations and Discontent Within the Party 🤔

The voters of Sadananda GA have alleged that the BJP denied him the ticket to accommodate Shak, who is also a non-local in Bangalore. This discontent within the party is not isolated, as just a few days ago, KS Isharaa had expressed his disappointment at his son being denied a ticket from the Havi seat. He will now contest the upcoming polls as an independent candidate. Amid all this dissent, the question arises: can the BJP replicate its 2019 performance in Karnataka, where they secured 25 out of 28 seats?

The dissent within the Karnataka BJP, particularly with the denial of tickets to prominent leaders, raises questions about the party’s future performance in the state.

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