The French ChatGPT by Mistral AI! (The Chat & Mistral Large)

Mistral’s new chatbot, Le Chat, is a game-changer in French-language AI. Using Mistral large, it outperforms GPT 3.5, with 81.2% in mmlu tests. While not as feature-rich as GPT, it’s a viable alternative. The potential partnership with Microsoft and Mistral is exciting, pointing to future developments. The chat is user-friendly and functional, making it a valuable tool for accessible and professional AI language model solutions. Mistral large’s API opens up a world of possibilities for app development and process automation. So, give it a try! 🚀


The French start-up Mistral has released its own online chatbot and new language models. This could potentially be a serious alternative to the familiar tools within the online conversational agent and language modeling sphere. Mistral has made significant strides, having recently launched the "Chat," their new chatbot, in addition to several language models, including Mistral Large. Let’s delve into these developments.

Background on Mistral

Mistral is a French company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and was founded in April 2023. They previously garnered attention with their language model, Mistral 8x7b, boasting 46.7 billion parameters – surpassing MTA Lama 2’s AI. On February 26th, Mistral unveiled two significant releases: the Chat, an online conversational assistant, and the new Mistral Large language model.

The Chat and Mistral’s New Language Models

The new features, particularly the Chat and the Mistral Large language model, have garnered considerable interest. The Chat serves as a functional demonstration, showcasing their new language models. In contrast to being a direct competitor to chat GPT, the Chat is a valuable addition, drawing attention to Mistral’s prowess in the AI domain.

Features of Mistral Large

Mistral Large has shown promising results in tests and is positioned as a model suitable for a variety of text-related tasks and multi-language understanding, particularly in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. It boasts a context window of 32,000 tokens, a significant advancement. Additionally, Mistral Large will be available through Microsoft Azure, indicating a potential partnership with Microsoft for future development.

Mistral Large Testing Results

Mistral Large was put through the Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) test and is positioned to excel in text transformation, coding, and comprehension across the aforementioned languages.

Utilizing Mistral’s Services

To use the Chat, one simply needs to visit Mistral’s website and navigate to the Chat interface, where various language models, including Mistral Large, are accessible. Furthermore, the API availability suggests a professional and versatile offering from Mistral, with potential implications for application development and process automation.

Comparison with Chat GPT and GPT 4

An interesting comparison can be made between Mistral’s offerings and established platforms like Chat GPT and GPT 4. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, making Mistral a compelling alternative for certain applications and development needs.


Mistral’s recent developments in language models and conversational agents bring an exciting prospect to the AI landscape. The availability of the Chat and Mistral Large suggests an evolving approach to AI implementation for businesses and productivity. 🚀

Key Takeaways

  • The Chat\n- Mistral Large\n- Partnership with Microsoft Azure\n- API accessibility


  1. What is Mistral Large primarily suited for?\nMistral Large is designed for text transformation, code comprehension, and task automation across multiple languages.
  2. What sets Mistral’s Chat apart from other conversational agents?\nMistral’s Chat serves as a functional demonstration of their language models, showcasing their potential for various applications.

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