The easiest way to start a new line in an Excel cell is by pressing “Alt + Enter” on your keyboard. This simple shortcut allows you to add multiple lines of text within the same cell.

Starting a new line in an Excel cell is as easy as pie! Just use the hotkey alt and enter to divide the text and make it all visible. And if you want to remove the line breaks, simply double-click into the cell and press the backspace key. No rocket science involved! Keep it simple and excel like a pro! πŸ“ŠπŸš€

The Importance of New Lines in Excel Cells πŸ“Š

In this video tutorial, we will discuss the easiest way to start a new line in an Excel cell. It’s crucial to be able to divide a text in Excel into several lines to make it all visible. We will also cover how to remove entered line breaks and condense the text back into a single line.

Hotkey Tricks for New Lines in Excel 🎯

Hello and welcome to Easy Click Academy! My name’s Maria, and together with our Easy Click team, we’re here to make sure you’ll be able to use Excel in a quick and easy way. Thanks to our digestible video tutorials, you’ll learn valuable hotkey tricks like using "Alt" and "Enter" to start a new line within an Excel cell.

Key Takeaways

Hotkey Alt + EnterStart a new line within an Excel cell
Width & HeightAdjust cell dimensions to make text visible
Proper Text WrappingEnsure that text is displayed in the desired format

Dividing Text and Removing Line Layouts πŸ”€

When typing a longer text in one cell and placing words on new lines within the same cell, "Alt" + "Enter" is the easiest way to achieve this. Additionally, learning to remove the entered line breaks can be useful.

Using Alt + EnterDividing text into multiple lines
Removing Line BreaksClearing entered line breaks within an Excel cell

Advanced Techniques: Text Wrapping in Excel πŸ“

While the "Alt" + "Enter" hotkey can create new lines within a cell, Excel automatically turns on text wrapping to display longer texts. By learning to turn text wrapping off, you can ensure that the text displays as intended.

Excel Formatting and Easyclick Academy Tutorial πŸ“š

To further understand how text wrapping works and to explore more advanced Excel formatting techniques, be sure to check out the separate tutorial by Easyclick Academy.


In conclusion, starting a new line in an Excel cell can be made easy using the "Alt" + "Enter" hotkey. With additional techniques for text wrapping, managing cell dimensions, and removing line layouts, Excel users can ensure that texts are displayed precisely as intended.

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