Surprising Revelation: AI Music Exceeds Your Expectations!

AI music’s the new street performer—except it’s jacked into The Matrix, spitting beats and serenades without breaking a circuit. Plug in, tune out, and let the digital Mozart compose your life’s soundtrack. Grab your earbuds—your brain’s about to throw its own rave. 🎧🤖 #AISymphony #DigitalBeats #TechTunes

AI Music: It’s WAY Better Than You Think 🎵

AI music has come a long way. It’s been quite a while since I did a video specifically dedicated to AI music tools, and at the moment, I’ve kind of narrowed it down to the two tools that I think are the best at generating AI music. Now, if you’ve been watching this channel for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about both of these tools. I wanted to make a super quick hit video where I show off my two favorite AI music tools and experiment with what they’re capable of.

Loudly: A Deep Dive 🎶

When it comes to AI music tools, Loudly stands out as an incredibly impressive option. This tool offers a plethora of options for creating the perfect background song for your needs. From selecting genres to customizing keys, tempos, structures, and energy levels, Loudly allows users to fine-tune every aspect of their composition. Additionally, blending genres, choosing specific instruments, and adjusting song durations are just a few of the many features Loudly offers.

Key Features of Loudly
– Genre selection for song generation
– Customizable keys and tempos
– Ability to blend genres
– Select specific instruments
– Song duration customization
– Free and paid plans available

Sunno AI: The Lyricist and Singer 🎤

Sunno AI takes AI music creation to another level by not only generating music but also writing lyrics and singing the song. With a simple user interface, Sunno AI offers both custom and simple modes for creating songs. Whether you want to craft your own lyrics and style or let the AI do it for you, Sunno AI provides an intuitive platform for musical exploration.

Sunno AI Pricing
– Free plan for non-commercial use
– Paid plan for commercial use and increased song generation
– Subscription-based credit system

AI music tools like Loudly and Sunno AI offer a unique and creative way to produce music effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for background tracks for videos, podcasts, or live streams, or you want to experiment with writing lyrics and melodies, these tools provide endless possibilities for musical expression. So, why not give them a try and unlock your music-making potential today?

Key Takeaways:

  • Loudly and Sunno AI are leading AI music tools in the industry.
  • Loudly offers extensive customization options for background music creation.
  • Sunno AI excels in generating lyrics and singing songs, adding a unique touch to music production.
  • Pricing plans for both tools cater to different user needs, from free options to premium subscriptions.

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