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Mr. Maha Sir’s AZURE DEVOPS tutorials are like a devops symphony, orchestrating from code to deployment. With a journey from admin basics to Azure, it’s a dance of Docker, Terraform, and more. Join the devops groove; it’s not just learning, it’s a tech party! πŸ’»πŸš€ #DevOpsMastermind

Key Takeaways

DurationTopics CoveredFeesPayment Plan
4.5 monthsAzure, Linux, DevOps Administration$8,0003 payments of $2,667


Mr. Maha Sir, a seasoned DevOps expert, introduces a comprehensive tutorial covering Azure, Linux, and DevOps Administration. The course spans 4.5 months, delving into essential topics for aspiring DevOps professionals.

Understanding DevOps

DevOps, a synergy of development and operations, involves coding, building, testing, and operations. Roles in DevOps encompass coding, testing, and operation responsibilities, ensuring high-quality code delivery efficiently.

DevOps Process Overview πŸ”„

Continuous Integration (CI)

DevOps involves Continuous Integration (CI), where code is continuously integrated, tested, and delivered. Automated pipelines streamline this process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery (CD) ensures the automatic delivery of working software into production. Transparent pipelines reduce delivery time and increase the overall quality of the software.

Tools in DevOps πŸ› οΈ

Jenkins and Maven J Frog

Jenkins and Maven J Frog play pivotal roles in the CI/CD process, facilitating code analysis, build execution, and efficient release management.

Azure, Docker, Terraform, and Ansible

Tools like Azure, Docker, Terraform, and Ansible aid in creating a robust DevOps infrastructure, automating configurations, and handling servers seamlessly.

Kubernetes and Vagrant

Kubernetes and Vagrant are indispensable for managing containers, virtual environments, and orchestrating applications across diverse cloud platforms.

Real-Time Projects and Materials πŸ“š

  • Practical implementation with real-time projects.
  • Course materials provided for hands-on learning.

Course Structure and Fee Payment πŸ’Έ

  • The course duration is 4.5 months, covering Azure, Linux, and DevOps Administration.
  • The fees amount to $8,000, payable in three installments.
  • Sessions are scheduled from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I join the course at any time?
A: Yes, registration is open, and you can join the course at your convenience.

Q: Is there a recommended order for learning Azure and Linux?
A: It’s advisable to learn both in parallel for a comprehensive understanding.

Q: Are both payment plans available simultaneously?
A: No, the payment plan options are separate.


Embark on this DevOps journey with Mr. Maha Sir to gain proficiency in Azure, Linux, and DevOps Administration. The course promises hands-on experience, real-time projects, and a thorough understanding of the DevOps landscape. Secure your spot now and accelerate your career in the world of DevOps! πŸš€

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