SQL Project | Practice and Solve SQL Queries with a Real-life Case Study | Over 20 SQL Problems for Hands-on Experience

SQL Project | SQL Case Study to SOLVE and PRACTICE SQL Queries | 20+ SQL Problems

Get ready for some wild SQL learning! With a dataset of 8 painters and information about their artwork, we’ll fire up some insane SQL queries to unlock this data goldmine. Fasten your seatbelt for an epic adventure! 💥🔥🎨

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Key Takeaways

The text discusses the process of solving SQL queries as part of a study project. It provides detailed steps on uploading a dataset, solving SQL queries, creating tables in databases, and using python scripts to facilitate data manipulation and organization.

Setting Up the Project🚀

The process begins with the preparation of a dataset using a simple python script. This dataset, named paintings, contains information about various artists and their paintings.

Download the datasetInput the provided URL to download the dataset
Preparing the datasetOrganize the downloaded files into folders
Creating the databaseEstablish the required table using Python

The text mentions two methods for creating a database – using PG Admin and Python. Python is recommended due to its simplicity and efficiency.

Uploading Data to the Database🔗

The process of uploading data to a SQL table using a Python script is detailed, including the use of essential packages such as pandas and SQLalchemy for data transformation and table creation.

"Python’s efficient libraries like pandas and SQLalchemy play a crucial role in handling and organizing large datasets."

Implementing SQL Queries🔍

The text provides a demonstration of executing SQL queries for solving database problems. It goes on to illustrate how to filter and map the data to solve different scenarios.

"How to identify museums open on Mondays but closed on Sundays?"

The solution is showcased using structured queries and discussions around the implementation steps, enabling a comprehensive understanding.

Identifying museum openings on specific daysUsing SQL logic

Utilizing Data for Solving Complex Queries💡

The culmination of the case study involves using and manipulating the dataset to solve problems by applying intermediate SQL queries. The text further showcases detailed problem-solving techniques through real-world examples.

"Tackling 22 different SQL problems, ranging from basic to intermediate levels, equips candidates with practical problem-solving skills."


The study project encourages understanding and implementing SQL queries by providing a hands-on experience solving real-world problems. The diversified case studies equip participants with extensive knowledge and proficiency in mastering SQL.

Could this case study be the gateway to honing your SQL skills? The detailed steps and solution-oriented techniques certainly position candidates to excel in database management and problem-solving through SQL.


  • Q: What does the study project aim to achieve?
    A: The study project aims to enable hands-on practice in solving SQL queries and enhancing candidates’ problem-solving skills.

  • Q: How is Python utilized in the process?
    A: Python is leveraged for effective dataset organization, SQL table creation, and data manipulation processes.

  • Q: Why are hands-on case studies vital in SQL proficiency?
    A: Conducting practical SQL case studies allows individuals to apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems, fostering a comprehensive understanding.

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