Speed Showdown: iPhone 13 Pro vs Galaxy S24!

Galaxy S24 beats iPhone 13 Pro in speed test, but iPhone 13 Pro is still a great option for premium performance at a cheaper price. Samsung is snappier and quicker, but iPhone is smoother and more consistent. Both phones perform well in apps and games, but Samsung has more efficiency. Samsung also wins in benchmark tests and 3D Mark, but iPhone has better GPU performance. Samsung performs better in video rendering and has faster internet speeds. Overall, Samsung is a good option for those looking for performance, while iPhone is still recommended for those on a budget.


In this article, we will compare the speed performance of the iPhone 13 Pro and the Galaxy S24, looking at boot-up times, unlocking methods, app performance, software versions, benchmarks, and video rendering speed.

Boot-Up Test

The Galaxy S24 prevails over the iPhone 13 Pro in the boot-up test, making it the faster device to start up.

Unlocking Methods

While the iPhone 13 Pro utilizes Face ID for unlocking, the Galaxy S24 requires a quick press to unlock. The Galaxy S24 offers a more convenient and faster unlocking experience, particularly in situations where hands may be dirty or greasy.

Software Versions

The iPhone 13 Pro runs on version 17.4.55, while the Galaxy S24 is on version 6.1. Both devices operate on stock software, with the Galaxy S24 having the option to disable the double-gesture via a download from the Galaxy store.

App Performance

In general, both phones showcase similar app performance, with the iPhone 13 Pro boasting a buttery smooth experience due to its promotion technology. However, the Galaxy S24 exhibits snappier performance and quicker app launches.

Benchmark Results

The Galaxy S24 outperforms the iPhone 13 Pro in multi-core scores but loses in single-core scores. However, in 3D Mark tests, the Galaxy S24 excels, showcasing significantly better frame rates and overall graphical performance.

Internet Speed Test

The Samsung Galaxy S24 demonstrates faster download speeds and comparable upload speeds in comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro. Both devices provide solid Wi-Fi performance.

Video Rendering Speed

When it comes to video rendering, the Galaxy S24 outshines the iPhone 13 Pro, completing the rendering process significantly faster, even with larger file sizes.


Ultimately, while the iPhone 13 Pro offers a premium experience with its promotion technology and smooth performance, the Galaxy S24 presents itself as a strong competitor with its snappier app launches, impressive graphical performance, and faster video rendering capabilities. Both devices have their unique strengths, catering to different user preferences and priorities.

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