Meta AI just dropped their biggest Cod Lama model yet, beating GPT-4 on coding tasks. The Cod Lama 70 billion outperforms all other llms on code-related tasks. Not only is it bigger and better, but it's also available in Python and instruction versions. This model is a game-changer in the world of coding. 🚀

Impressive Achievements in AI Development 🌐

Meta AI has launched the Cod Lama series models, with the Cod Lama 70 billion model being the latest, creating waves in the AI community. The model has been observed to outperform the state-of-the-art publicly available llms on code-related tasks, surpassing even GPT-4 on many parameters.


The New King in AI Town - Cod Lama 70B

According to Meta AI, the Cod Lama 70 billion model has been observed to achieve a "human-evolved" test score of 77.0, whereas the original GPT-4 model's score was recorded at 67.0. This evident surpassing of GPT-4 on code-related tasks is something to marvel at, demonstrating the superiority of the Cod Lama 70B model.

The Training Regimen

The Cod Lama models’ training regime is based on the Lama 2 architecture, with dynamic training for various token sizes, ranging all the way up to 1 trillion tokens for the 70 billion model. Moreover, the model is available under an open license for research and commercial purposes, making it a valuable addition to AI resources.

  • 70 billion version utilized additional 500 billion tokens
  • Python version used 100 billion tokens for super feed fine-tuning
  • Instruct fine-tune version used 5 billion tokens
  • Base version used 20 billion tokens

Ready to Implement the Cod Lama 70B

To use the Cod Lama 70 billion model, you can opt to fill out a request access form from Meta. However, the model is already available in the hugging ph format, with a quantized version expected to be released soon.

Ready to Run Locally - No More Waiting Around 💻

After installing the Cod Lama model, execution can be done by using the provided command, "run code Lama", followed by the model version that you wish to utilize. If you do not have access to hardware, you can also explore the perplexity lab version for the 70 billion model.

Testing the Waters

You can easily evaluate the capabilities of the Cod Lama 70 billion model by running sophisticated applications, such as writing a function that outputs the Fibonacci sequence or coding a web page that has interactive elements such as a change in background color. This capacity suggests that the model is ready to rival the capabilities of GPT-4 in coding-related tasks.

In Conclusion

The Cod Lama 70 billion model represents a remarkable advancement in AI, promising to make coding-related tasks more efficient and effective for developers. Whether used for research or commercial purposes, its high performance makes it an attractive option. Let's stay tuned for a more comprehensive comparison between the Cod Lama 70 billion model and GPT-4 to further understand its true capabilities. Thank you for watching, and looking forward to seeing you in the next one!

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