Я позволил GPT-4 взять под контроль мой компьютер на 24 часа.

Self-operating computers are the future! Giving GPT-4 control of your computer is wild, but with great potential. It can analyze your screens and make decisions, like opening Google Chrome or liking a YouTube video. But it’s not without limitations; precision is an issue. However, the possibilities are mind-blowing. Get ready for the era of autonomous computers! 🤯🖥️

The text talks about the author’s experiment of allowing the artificial intelligence system GPT-4 to take control of their computer for 24 hours. The AI was given complete access to the computer and was able to perform actions browsing the internet, writing, clicking, and scrolling without human intervention.

Advantageous and Limiting Factors of AI

The experiment illuminates several positive and confining aspects of allowing AI such as the GPT-4 model to operate the computer. Through analyzing screenshots and making decisions, the AI possesses the capability to carry out a variety of commands. However, there are limitations regarding the accuracy and precision in executing tasks, as observed during the experiment.

Self-Operating Computer Project

The self-operating computer project is introduced, which allows GPT-4 to autonomously control the computer. By granting access to the mouse and keyboard, it becomes possible to execute a range of actions, demonstrating the potential of integrated analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Experimenting with AI Assistance

The author describes a scenario where they request the AI to create a note on their device regarding the most important news. The AI is observed to attempt following the command, albeit with some minor issues due to nascent functionality.

AI Assistant via Chrome Extension

A brief overview of hyperri.ai, a Chrome extension delivering AI assistance, is covered. The extension exhibits capabilities of automating various tasks within the Google Chrome web browser, enhancing ease of use and access.

Multi-Functionality and Future Applications

The potential of integrating AI as an assistant for a multitude of tasks such as managing emails, booking tickets, and administrative duties is highlighted. The implications of this technology extend towards the future, shaping a new era of AI autonomy.


The realm of AI autonomy is rapidly evolving, enabling individuals to utilize advanced technological capabilities without extensive programming knowledge. The author reflects on the profound impact of AI within their narrative, emphasizing its potential for transformative and creative applications across various domains.

Основные выводы

  • GPT-4 exhibits extensive capabilities when given access to computer controls, showcasing its potential in decision-making and executing commands autonomously.
  • The self-operating computer project demonstrates the integration of GPT-4’s analysis and decision-making functions to create a more autonomous computing experience.
  • Chrome extensions such as hyperri.ai provide an accessible platform for leveraging AI assistance in performing various online tasks, marking a significant shift in user capabilities without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

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