Свидание в куриной лавке с Абду Розиком | За трапезой с Манликисааком

Abdu Rozik and Manlikeisaac’s conversation is an interesting mix of humor and insight. They discuss everything from boxing to relationships, with Abdu expressing confidence in himself and his future. And it seems like he’s also working on a new song and a movie with a famous Indian actor. Overall, their conversation is a mix of banter and exciting plans for the future. 🥊🎶🎬

Introduction 🍗

In a recent YouTube video titled "Chicken Shop date w/ Abdu Rozik," popular content creators Abdu Rozik and Manlikeisaac engage in a light-hearted and entertaining conversation. Throughout the video, they discuss a variety of topics, including favorite foods, personal preferences, relationships, and future aspirations.

Memorable Moments 🍔

The conversation begins with the two friends bantering about why they are in each other’s countries and quickly evolves into a discussion about favorite foods, professional boxing, and potential opponents.

Entertaining Banter 🍟

An amusing exchange includes Isaac playfully asking Abdu to box with him, and Abdu humorously suggesting that his first opponent would be a chicken. They also discuss famous YouTubers and their aversion to physical altercations.

"I don’t like fighting, you know. I’ve never been in a fight in my whole life."

During their conversation, Abdu adamantly denies having a girlfriend and humorously navigates inquiries about his personal life. He also shares his future aspirations, revealing that he hopes to marry at the age of 23 and start a family with two boys and two girls.

Future Aspirations 👰

Abdu confidently discusses his eagerness to get married at a young age, asserting that it’s a personal choice. He eloquently expresses his desire to have a big family of two boys and two girls.

Comedic Interactions 🍕

The two friends engage in humorous banter, and Isaac praises Abdu’s musical talents, eagerly awaiting his next song release. Abdu also shares exciting news about an upcoming song and a potential collaboration with a famous Indian actor for a film project.

"I’m doing the song ‘Bomba’, and it’s going to be a movie with a very famous Indian actor."

Throughout the video, their playful and lighthearted conversation is complemented by delicious food provided by the Chicken Shop, creating an entertaining and memorable exchange.

Exciting Endeavors 🌟

As the conversation concludes, Abdu hints at the possibility of involving Isaac in his upcoming movie project, showcasing their amicable and supportive friendship.


In summary, the "Chicken Shop date w/ Abdu Rozik" video offers a delightful mix of humor and genuine interactions, allowing viewers to gain insight into their personalities and aspirations. The video’s entertaining banter, future aspirations, and exciting prospects create an engaging and enjoyable experience for viewers.

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