AWS certifications are like the main course at a fancy restaurant, while knowledge badges are like the appetizers, showcasing your expertise in specific areas. Both are impressive on your resume, depending on the job. AWS certifications cost money, but badges are free and come with tutorials. Taking the badge tests from home is like an open-book exam, but don't just Google the answers - you'll actually learn something! The badges are a great way to dive deep into specific areas after getting your associate certification. And hey, they don't expire! Keep learning, keep rocking! 🚀


In this informative video, Raj explores the differences between AWS certifications and the newly released AWS knowledge badges, which showcase specific skills in various AWS domains. Raj also bravely takes us through his journey of attempting the AWS Kubernetes badge test, providing a comprehensive understanding of what these badges entail and when they might be necessary.

The Badges 🏷️

AWS recently released digital badges called AWS knowledge badges, which offer a unique way to showcase expertise in specific AWS areas. These badges can be displayed on platforms such as LinkedIn to grab the attention of potential recruiters.

Основные выводы

ТемаКлючевые моменты
AWS BadgesShowcase in-depth knowledge in specific domains
Variety18 different knowledge badges available
ПриложениеDisplay on LinkedIn or resume for recruiter attraction

Test Your Depth 🧠

One significant difference between big AWS certifications and knowledge badges is that the badges test your in-depth knowledge in a specific domain, delving into areas such as networking, storage, and more.

Example of Badge Criteria

Eks BadgeKubernetes core concepts, eks cluster, observability
Serverless BadgeShowcase serverless skill
Networking BadgeDemonstrate proficiency in networking skills

Test Costs 💸

While AWS certifications come with a monetary cost, knowledge badges are free and even offer tutorial videos and study materials to assist in preparation. This makes attaining the badges more accessible and affordable for aspiring cloud professionals.

Free Access to Resources

Tutorial VideosProvided for free by AWS
Study MaterialAccessible to enhance preparation
Tutorial StructureDivided by domain to streamline learning

At-Home Testing 🏠

One of the key distinctions between certifications and knowledge badges is the mode of testing. AWS certifications are proctored exams, while badge tests are taken at home, providing a more flexible and convenient approach to skill assessment.

Assessment Environment

Окружающая средаCertificationKnowledge Badge
ProctoredYes, monitored testingNo, taken from home environment
FlexibilityMore rigid structureAllows for comfortable testing environment

Impressive Credentials 🌟

Both AWS certifications and knowledge badges hold value on a cloud professional's resume, with their relevance varying based on the job role being pursued.

Application in the Job Market

Job RoleCredential Importance
Networking JobNetworking Knowledge Badge adds value
Cloud EngineerBadges in Kubernetes or Serverless are beneficial
Job Market ToughnessBoth certifications and badges add an advantageous edge

Balancing Certification and Badges 🎯

Raj suggests that aspiring cloud professionals begin with an associate certificate to build foundational knowledge, then proceed to earn domain-specific knowledge badges. Additionally, Raj points out that certifications expire, while knowledge badges do not, making badges a valuable long-term asset.

Foundation Building Process

ProgressionRecommended Path
Associate CertificateEstablish fundamental AWS knowledge
Knowledge BadgesFollow-up to deepen domain-specific expertise
Professional CertificationsAdvance to broader skillset

Conclusion 💼

Raj provides a firsthand account of taking the AWS Kubernetes badge test, illustrating the format of the exam and the enriching experience it offers. The video concludes with a reminder to continue pursuing knowledge badges to enhance career growth in the cloud industry.

Key Outcome

На выносРезультат
Successful TestPass the AWS Kubernetes Badge Exam
Test ReflectionScenario-based, testing depth of expertise
Career AdvancementShare on LinkedIn for professional exposure

Overall, Raj's video guides aspiring cloud professionals through the landscape of AWS certifications and knowledge badges, highlighting their value in pursuing a successful career journey. Remember, keep learning and keep rocking!

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