Reverse Gear for FSD?! OpenAI Drama, Zero Disengagements, and Tesla’s Advantage

OpenAI drama: Microsoft’s CEO says they have all the IP if OpenAI disappeared. Tesla’s FSD has zero disengagements in 3 days. Shomi CEO says Tesla can raise prices; other companies risk losses. Volkswagen to bring level four autonomous driving. FSD getting better, longer no-intervention drives. Tesla’s advanced castings, electronic system re-evaluation. Sandy Monroe impressed with Tesla’s well-done work.

πŸ”„ OpenAI Drama Unfolds πŸ”„

Bradford had an interesting FSD experience, rolling back one whole foot when he went too far past a line. Meanwhile, new details about the OpenAI drama are emerging. Microsoft is heavily involved in the situation, as the CEO of Microsoft has made statements indicating that they have all the rights and capability should OpenAI disappear. This lawsuit with Elon Musk’s OpenAI is sure to reveal intriguing details about what actually happened during the drama.

Key Takeaways
Microsoft claims to have all the rights and capability should OpenAI disappear, as revealed by the CEO.
Elon Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI might uncover the truth behind the drama.

πŸ‘€ Zero Disengagements at Tesla! πŸ‘€

It’s incredible that there have been zero disengagements for the last 3 days and 14 trips. Even in uncomfortable situations, like a particular station, there was no disengagement. This demonstrates the evolving capabilities of Tesla’s FSD technology.

Interesting Points
Zero disengagements in the last few days and multiple trips.
Uncomfortable situations are being handled without disengagement.

πŸ’² Tesla’s Unique Advantage πŸ’²

The CEO of Shomi believes that Tesla has a unique advantage in raising prices for its electric vehicles, something that other companies cannot risk. However, Tesla’s profitability and market dominance enable it to explore such strategies, showcasing unique advantages over its competitors.

Tesla’s Advantage
Tesla can raise prices due to its profitability and leading position in the EV market.
Competitive capitulation to Tesla’s strategies reveals its unique advantage.

πŸš— Autonomous Driving: VW vs. Tesla πŸš—

Volkswagen is gearing up to bring autonomous driving to large-scale production, aiming to be the first vehicle manufacturer to develop a level four autonomous driving service vehicle. Despite this development, Tesla’s continued advancements with FSD technology are keeping it ahead in the autonomous driving race.

Key Points
Volkswagen is working on level four autonomous driving, while Tesla’s FSD technology continues to evolve.
Tesla remains ahead in the autonomous driving competition.

🎯 Advancements in Tesla’s Electric Vehicles 🎯

Tesla’s continuous efforts in pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles are evident in its extended use of castings, even for the rear seat structure. The company’s utilization of castings for various components showcases its innovative approach to vehicle manufacturing.

Advancements Showcased
Tesla’s innovative use of castings for rear and front seat structures.
Unique casting design elements in Tesla’s vehicles further showcase advanced engineering.

πŸ” Deep Dive into Tesla’s Vehicle Design πŸ”

Sandy Monroe’s detailed analysis of Tesla’s vehicles reveals intricate design executions and structural innovations, hinting at the future potential for Tesla’s vehicle lineup.

Notable Observations
Various connectors and high-voltage elements indicate advanced electrical system design.
Structural enhancements and design details in Tesla’s vehicles are captivating.

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