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MAME in Linux is like a hidden treasure chest full of classic games. It’s easy to install, just a sudo apt install away. Once installed, you can tinker with the ROMs and settings to your heart’s content. And the best part? It’s all free and legal! So, if you’re into classic gaming, MAME is your best friend. 👾


In response to popular demand, this video tutorial covers the basic installation and operation of MAME, a comprehensive emulator that allows users to play a wide variety of classic games.

Key Takeaways

A simple step-by-step guide to install and play MAME on a Linux-based system.

Installing MAME

To install MAME on a Debian-based system, simply run sudo apt install mame in the terminal. It’s an open-source software and can also be found in repositories of other distributions.

DistributionCommand to Install
Debiansudo apt install mame
Arch LinuxSearch in the repository
FedoraLook in the distribution’s repositories

Configuring MAME

After installing MAME, accessing the ROMs is essential. Use the command cd .mame to reveal a hidden folder, which store ROM configurations.

"The ROMs are the heart of MAME; without the ROMs, you can’t play the game."

Adding ROMs and Configuration

Configure MAME by browsing through the directories, making changes in the mame.ini file with dialogues like:

r path = /home/username/mame/ROMs <-- example directory

Playing Games

Once the ROMs are added, launch MAME to access hundreds of classic games. The emulator allows intricate configurations and settings to enhance your experience.


Q: Where do I find ROMs for MAME?
A: ROMs can be found online from various sources, and there are legal implications related to their usage. Make sure to secure your ROMs from legal sources.


This guide provides a brief outline for users to install MAME and access multiple classic games. The next step for users is to experience the vast gaming library offered by MAME.

Large game libraryLegal concerns
CustomizationROM acquisition

We hope this guide helps you enjoy countless hours of classic gaming on your Linux system! 🕹️

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