- Sony is working on a live action series for God of War and Horizon, and the scripts are being written, but no actors or locations are confirmed yet.
- "Silent Hill 2 Remake" will be true to the original game, with the original creators involved in the project.
- New titles from Sega are in the works, including a new "Jet Set Radio," "Golden Axe," and "Crazy Taxi".
- A new "Nintendo Switch 2" is rumored to be released in September this year. So, if you're thinking of buying a switch, you might want to wait a little longer.
- "Budokai Tenkaichi 4" director will share more information about the game on Dragon Ball Games Tour 2024.
- Netflix is in production for a live action "Zelda" movie, and there are leaks of an animated production in the works as well.


Welcome to another weekend roundup here at Big Data News! In today's video, we've got all the latest updates on the live action God of War series, Horizon, Nintendo Switch 2, Budokai Tenkaichi 4, and more. We'll cover the most relevant news from the past few days, so buckle up and let's dive right in! 🎮

Silent Hill 2 Remake Confirmation

In an interview, the director of Silent Hill 2 remake has confirmed that the highly-anticipated game is ready for launch, with the original creators involved in its development. This is exciting news for fans of horror gaming, as it promises to stay true to the essence of the original. 🕹️

Son and Bone: A New PlayStation 5 Exclusive

On a different note, there's a fresh PlayStation 5 exclusive on the horizon called Son and Bone. The trailer showcases a thrilling shooter game where players take on mutated dinosaurs. However, previous experiences with the developer's titles have left some players skeptical. 🦖

Diablo Season 3 Reveal Coming Soon

For the Diablo fans out there, Blizzard has confirmed the beginning of Season 3, with a livestream event scheduled for January 23rd. The simultaneous timing of this announcement with the Xbox Developer Direct hints at potential surprises in store for the gaming community. 🗓️

Changes to Aim Assist in 'The Finals'

On the other hand, 'The Finals' has recently undergone a patch that further reduced aim assist when playing with a controller. This decision has sparked debates about accommodating different player demographics. 🎯

Wong Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition

Moving on to a new game release, Koy Tecmo has announced the upcoming launch of Wong Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition on February 6. This soulik adventure aims to captivate players with its challenging gameplay and an all-inclusive digital edition. 🎮

Devil May Cry Mobile Game Launch

In an unexpected turn, a new Devil May Cry mobile game has made waves in the market, surpassing 10 million downloads. Despite mixed reviews, the game has garnered significant attention. This game is set to leave PlayStation Plus Extra on January 16. ❗

Sega's Next Steps in 2023 and Beyond

Sega has been making significant strides lately, from establishing Sega Fade, a new toy division, to resurrecting several classic franchises. With potential plans for a game subscription service, the gaming giant is looking to expand its offerings extensively. 🎮

Rumors of the Nintendo Switch 2

Lastly, there are strong rumors about the imminent release of the next Nintendo Switch, with notable stock shortages in various U.S. retailers. If proven true, consumers are advised to wait for the next iteration before making any purchase decisions. 🎮

Thank you for tuning in to this weekend's roundup! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like and share. For more engaging content, check out our other videos, and stay updated on our socials. Have a fantastic weekend, and we'll catch you next time! 🎉

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