Aceable Agent Online Real Estate Course Review:
Limited availability, but great value for Florida residents. The app is a game changer, making studying on the go a breeze. Tons of resources and practice exams, plus options for live tutoring. A solid investment for success in real estate. Don't miss out on the discount in the description! 📚🏡 #RealEstateGoals #AceableAgent


In this video, I will give you a complete breakdown and overview of the Aceable Agent online real estate school. As a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida, I will be sharing my experience with their courses and the package I purchased. For those of you interested in purchasing this course, there is a coupon code available in the description below for a 35% discount.

Principais conclusões

Here's a quick overview of what this review will cover:

Available StatesOnly available in 12 out of 50 states
Price RangeCourses range from $116 to $749
OffersLive tutoring and app access


I am Marts Kelly, a part-time entrepreneur focusing on real estate. This channel is dedicated to helping young black men find new opportunities through part-time ventures. While real estate is the main focus, we also explore various online courses, including the Aceable Agent course.


Before we dive into the details, remember to use the provided coupon code for a 35% discount and stay tuned for upcoming part two of this review.

Course Selection

Aceable Agent is only available in 12 out of 50 states, so it's essential to ensure that it operates in your state before considering it as an option. If not, alternative courses such as Real Estate Express may be better suited for you.


"Quality of education and availability in your state are crucial factors to consider when choosing an online real estate course."


The price range of Aceable Agent's courses varies based on the state and the level of study, offering a range from $116 to $749.


Here's a breakdown of the price range for different states:

EstadoPrice Range
Florida$116 - $489
California$329 - $749

Additional Resources

Aceable Agent provides a variety of resources, including practice exams, glossaries, study guides, and more.


Here are some of the resources included in the Aceable Agent package:

  • 100 questions per attempt practice exams
  • Glossary with key terms
  • Study guides comprising 285 pages
  • Contract-style writing tracking

Course Content

The course content is accessible both online and through an app, allowing for flexible learning across various devices. The inclusion of an app enhances the accessibility and convenience of the course.


The option to access the course via an app adds versatility to the learning experience, especially for those who prefer mobile learning.


This is just the first part of the review. If you're finding value in this information and are eager to learn more about the Aceable Agent course, stay tuned for part two, where I will review the mobile app and provide an in-depth look at the Texas course.

Principais conclusões

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • The Aceable Agent course is available in a limited number of states.
  • Make use of the coupon code for a 35% discount.
  • Keep an eye out for part two of this review for further insights.

Thank you for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more content on real estate courses and reviews! 🏠

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