Project – Dashboard in CodeIgniter 4 – Part 3

Creating branches and defining routes is like setting up a roadmap for our project. It helps us navigate through different stages with ease. Just like a treasure map leads us to hidden gems, these routes guide users to their desired destinations. It’s like creating a code treasure hunt for the user, making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. And remember, just like in a treasure hunt, a well-defined roadmap can lead to great success! πŸ—ΊοΈ

Key Takeaways πŸ“

Key Takeaway
Provided an overview of the development of a dashboard in CodeIgniter 4.
Showed how to set up a new branch and submit changes in GitHub.
Demonstrated how to create and direct to new pages for actions like login, logout, signup, and forgot password.

Working on the Logic 🧠

In this section, the text dives into the logic incorporated in a dashboard and the process to be followed for creating and directing to new pages based on user actions. It also explores the navigation between different branches using GitHub.

Corresponding Branches and Navigation 🌿

001New branch created from the main branch, allows navigational changes.
MasterHolds the primary version of the project.
Developing New PagesPaths for actions including login, signup, and forgot password.
Further DevelopmentAimed to create and direct to new pages for specific actions.

Formulating and Directing to New Pages πŸ“‹

The process of setting up routes for actions like ‘login submit’, ‘new account’, and ‘forgot password’ is discussed here. The text also lists down the different functionalities and formulates methods to navigate to these diverse pages.

Bringing Forth Efficiencies πŸ’‘

In this part, primarily, the developmental process of the methods for various functionalities is being discussed. Each individual functionality implemented for changes in the user interface is pointed out, demonstrating an organized approach to the project.

Conclusion πŸ“Œ

Quick Recap
Applied the process of setting up branches on a project.
Defined routes for various user actions.
Demonstrated the navigation between different pages in the dashboard.

This text showcases the seamless direction to new pages for user actions. Be it for ‘login’, ‘new account’, or ‘forgot password’, navigation is provided, ensuring a smooth and efficient task allocation within the dashboard. This step-by-step process depicts a project that is organized and easy to manage in CodeIgniter 4.

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