New improvements in HYPRLAND on Arch with ML4W Dotfiles 2.8.3 include a GTK-based settings app for an enhanced user experience.

The new version 2.8.3 of my Linux forwork dot files is out, with a new GTK-based settings app replacing the terminal-based one. It’s easier and faster to customize your installation, with options for clock format, appearance, and system configurations. You can download it from my gitlab repository or update from version 2.8.2. Stay tuned for version 2.9 with a dedicated hyperland settings app! πŸš€

Welcome back to my channel! I am excited to announce that the latest version of the Hyperland Linux dotfiles, version 2.8.3, is now available. This release introduces a new GTK-based settings app, replacing the previous terminal-based settings app, making it easier and faster to customize your Hyperland installation. You can download the new version from my GitLab repository or easily update from version 2.8.2 using the My Linux forwork welcome app.

Exploring Hyperland Desktop πŸ–₯️

Welcome App and Customization Options

New GTK Settings AppA faster and easier way to customize your Hyperland installation
Dotfiles and Welcome AppPerfect starting point for customization and installation information
Key Features of Hyperland 2.8.3Introduces the new GTK-based settings script
Appearance and System TabsAllows customization of Wayar, Rofy application starter, and other system configurations

Customizing Appearance and System Settings πŸ› οΈ

Wayar Customization

  • Disable or enable Wayar
  • Customize clock module and date format
  • Show or hide different Wayar modules including the window module and check GPT icon
  • Add additional workspaces to your installation

Rofi Application Starter

  • Change parameters including border size and font size
  • Modify background blur effect for Rofi and Hyperlock lock screen
  • Variations for animations, decorations, and window settings

System Configuration

  • Access custom configuration files directly
  • Set up timeouts for Hyper Idle and Hyperlock
  • Monitor variations and window rule variations for customization

Creating Custom Variations 🎨

Flexible Customization with Personal Variations

Introducing Custom VariationsAllows users to create their personalized configuration
Steps to Create Custom VariationsAccess a tutorial for creating unique variations
Accessing and Editing VariationsSimple steps to create, edit, and restore custom settings

Easy Updates and Future Release πŸ”„

Update to Version 2.8.3 and Beyond

  • Update from version 2.8.2 using the My Linux forwork welcome app
  • Choose between the main release or the rolling release for the latest updates

In conclusion, the new Hyperland Dotfiles 2.8.3 brings significant improvements with the introduction of the GTK-based settings app. Future versions, such as the upcoming 2.9 release, promise a dedicated Hyperland Settings app, offering even more ways to optimize and tweak your Hyperland installation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thank you for being a part of the Hyperland community! πŸš€

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