My $10 Million Success with Programmatic SEO

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Programmatic SEO has been a game-changer for me, driving eight-figure revenue for my business each month. In this article, I’ll take you through my process of keyword scraping, content finding, data rewriting, chat GP generating, and getting pages to rank. If you’re interested in implementing this approach, email me and let’s get started on how to do SEO.

How to Target Pages 🎯

To target pages, we start by researching a key term for a person’s name or a location like vacation rentals in the United States or Philippines. We then check the traffic conversion and volume. We use Google keywords, which incorporates Google data with other data sources. Next, we find high-traffic examples and contacts for a person. We compile a list of common names and last names, then combine them to create a full list. We are able to get the volumes for the keywords that correlate with traffic volumes.

Example of Airbnb Rental New York 🏠

For example, if we want to check the traffic conversion and volume for Airbnb rental in New York, we can check this on the target keyword. The conversion we want is for users to sign up, as well as the actual example on New York hotels, because this keyword gets millions of traffic volumes.

Finding High-Traffic Examples and Contacts πŸ“ˆ

We found high-traffic examples and contacts on LinkedIn. We took those with the most followers, such as Bill Richard, and made them the people we know who have a lot of traffic. We also looked at social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to see what keywords our competitors were targeting.

Generating Millions of Pages πŸ“„

The first step in generating millions of pages is to get the data. We generate millions of pages by scraping companies. Right now, our core data sets come from Crunchbase, which is another data set we bought. We also use popular directories like Yelp to get a list of popular business names. We use LinkedIn as a data source and look for the most common names, last names, and job titles. We also look at what tech stack a company uses by getting job posts from LinkedIn.

Interesting Content in YouTube πŸ“Ή

Another interesting content source is in YouTube. We use Chrome extension tools to get the HTML and transform it into an article. We take the transcript from the video and put it into chat GTP. You can generate content programmatically and have a human review it to make sure it’s good and valuable.

How to Index Your Content πŸ“ˆ

If we don’t index our content, we’ll never get traffic and never rank in Google. The first step is to get your content indexed by Google. We need to grow the number of pages we have indexed. The things we found to improve your indexing rate are the age of your domain, the number of links you currently have indexed, and your domain authority.

Sitemap and Link Building πŸ“

We create a sitemap and use link building as the primary way to index and rank in Google. We also monitor our results using analytics traffic every month. We redirect pages that don’t get traffic and release new pages that we could potentially get more traffic from.

Key Takeaways πŸ”‘

  • Programmatic SEO can drive eight-figure revenue for your business each month
  • Research a key term for a person’s name or location to target pages
  • Generate millions of pages by scraping companies and using popular directories
  • Transform YouTube video transcripts into articles using Chrome extension tools
  • Index your content by creating a sitemap and using link building
  • Monitor your results using analytics traffic every month


Q: How do I get started with programmatic SEO?
A: Start by researching a key term for a person’s name or location to target pages. Generate millions of

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