• Mozilla's new CEO shakes things up, but will the focus on new products bring success or just another overpriced service?
  • Apple's move to disable support for PWAs in iOS 17 raises concern, leaving web apps useless in a Safari-dominated ecosystem.
  • XFCE's decision to extend support for X11 while embracing Wayland signals a funny yet practical approach to desktop evolution.
  • Early access to Elementary OS 8 shows promise, with updates and improvements that make the user experience smoother and more polished.
  • A new project aims to bring Windows games to Android, but the closed-source nature raises questions about its compatibility and potential.

📰 Introduction

Some people ask me if I ever cover open source privacy or open space, and, well, no because here is jam-packed of the Linux and source news show. This week, we have Modzilla getting a brand new CEO just after launching an overpriced service, Apple continuing malicious compliance and disabling support for PWAs, Wine coming to Android but in a closed Source format, and Xfce deciding to keep support for X11.

Key Takeaways
- Modzilla gets a new CEO
- Apple breaks PWA
- Wine coming to Android
- Xfce keeps support for X11

🦎 New CEO for Modzilla

Modzilla has a new CEO, Laura, who comes from Airbnb, PayPal, and eBay. Laura aims to focus on defining a clear strategy and doubling down on core products. Moreover, she wants to engage more with the community and focus on open source, a refreshing change from Modzilla's previous approach.

🦠 Changes in the World of Linux

  • Xfce to Extend Support for Ubuntu 21 for VS Code 🐧

    • Microsoft has decided to extend support for Ubuntu 21 for VS code by another 12 months, ensuring that users can continue receiving updates without disrupting their workflow.
  • Ubuntu Users to Wait for 24.10 for Latest Plasma Release 🖥️

    • Ubuntu has decided not to use Plasma 6 for their next release, prompting disappointment among users who were looking forward to the improvements it brings.
  • Apple's Troubles with PWA in iOS 17 🍎

    • Apple's betas for iOS 17 are intentionally not working as intended, particularly regarding PWA support in the EU. This decision has sparked concerns about the impact on web apps in the future.

🆕 Upcoming in Linux

  • Xfce Keeps Supporting X11 as Whan Support is Announced 🎨

    • Xfce plans to maintain compatibility with X11 even as new Whan support is announced for the near future. This approach aims to ensure a smooth transition for users.
  • Elementary OS 8 Early Access is Now Available ☀️

    • Elementary OS 8 is available for Early Access, offering a variety of improvements and updates that enhance the user experience.
  • New Project to Bring Windows Games to Android 🎮

    • Project Cassia aims to bring Windows games to Android, presenting a unique solution that could revolutionize gaming on the platform.

🔥 New Gaming Console powered by Manjaro

Manjaro unveiled the orange on at fdam as a handheld gaming console powered by a Ryzen 7 7840, making it an exciting option for gaming enthusiasts.

💻 Support Linux and Get a Tuxedo Computer

Consider checking out Tuxedo, a company that creates desktops and laptops specifically designed to run Linux. Their machines are well-supported, customizable, and offer a great gaming experience.

In conclusion, the world of Linux and open source software is constantly evolving, with new developments and innovations shaping the industry. Whether it's the appointment of a new CEO at Modzilla or the exciting new gaming console powered by Manjaro, there's always something to look forward to in the world of open source technology. By staying updated with the latest news and supporting companies that prioritize open source values, we can contribute to the growth and development of the Linux community. Remember to keep an eye out for more exciting updates and developments in the future!

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