Mistral CEO confirms the “leak” of a new open-source competitor to the GPT-4 AI model.

Mistral AI CEO confirms leaked new GPT-4 competitor model, causing a stir in the open source AI community. Potential for big impact on AI field, with potential competitive pressure on OpenAI to release GPT-5. If Mistral’s model matches or exceeds GPT-4’s performance, it could be a game-changer. Stay tuned for updates! 🔥🤖 #AIRevolution

📰 Breaking News: CEO Confirms "Leak" of New Open Source GPT-4 Competitor AI Model

The recent developments in the AI industry have been nothing short of intriguing. Mistral AI, a renowned open-source AI model from France, has been at the center of attention, with news of a leaked AI model that could potentially rival OpenAI’s GPT-4. This revelation has sparked discussions across various platforms such as Twitter and 4chan, igniting debates about the future of open-source AI and its impact on the industry.

Amidst the growing popularity of open-source AI models, Mistral AI has emerged as a powerful contender, garnering attention for its potential to rival established models such as GPT 3.5. The release of the MK 170b LLM, sharing similarities with Mistral’s prompt format, has fueled speculation about a leaked new Mistral model that could potentially challenge GPT-4.

January 28User "mkdev" uploads MK 170b LLM on Hugging Face, a leading AI model and code-sharing platform.
Anonymous user shares a link to MK 170b files on 4chan, sparking discussions about its performance.
Discussions on Twitter and other platforms comparing MK 170b to GPT-4 and speculating its origins.

The possibility of a leaked new Mistral model, labeled MK 170b, has caused a stir within the AI community, raising questions about the implications of such a release. While Mistral emphasizes its commitment to open-source initiatives, the leaked model prompts debate around the financial considerations and the impact on existing investors.

MK’s OriginsSpeculations surrounding the origins of MK 170b and its connection to Mistral’s existing models.
Maxim BoneSpeculation by ML scientist at JP Morgan Chase about the link between MK and Mistral.
CEO ConfirmationConfirmation from Mistral’s CEO regarding the leaked model and its connection to their developments.

Mistral’s co-founder and CEO, Arthur Mench, acknowledged the leaked model’s association with Mistral’s developments, shedding light on its retraining from Meta’s Lama 2 and the advancements made by Mistral since the initial training. While the leaked model hints at Mistral’s progress, it also raises questions about attribution and potential future releases surpassing GPT-4’s performance.

CEO ConfirmationImplications
Retraining ProcessInsights into Mistral’s retraining process and advancements made since the leaked model’s creation.
Future ReleasesHints at Mistral’s potential to release a model exceeding GPT-4’s performance.
Competitive ImpactEvaluating the potential impact on the AI industry and OpenAI’s dominance.

The emergence of a potential competitor to GPT-4 has significant implications for the AI landscape, ushering in a new era of open-source AI. While GPT-4 has maintained its dominance, the prospect of a high-performing open-source alternative presents a compelling challenge to traditional AI models, setting the stage for a dynamic shift in the industry’s trajectory.


  • Mistral AI’s leaked model, MK 170b, has sparked discussions about its potential to rival GPT-4.
  • CEO Arthur Mench’s confirmation and insights shed light on Mistral’s advancements and the implications of the leaked model.
  • The rise of open-source AI models poses a challenge to industry dominants like OpenAI, paving the way for transformative changes in the AI landscape.

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