MeetGeek: Planning for Future Meetings – How Can You Prepare?

Discovering upcoming meetings is a breeze with MeetGeek. Simply connect to your calendar, customize your settings, and voila! You’re all set to join, analyze insights, and easily access past meetings. With support for 30+ languages and user-friendly features, it’s a game-changer. So, hop on board and experience seamless meeting management like never before! 🚀

# MeetGeek Upcoming Meetings – How to Get Set Up? 📅

## Connecting Your Calendar with MeetGeek

Everyone is welcome to this quick tour of the upcoming meetings page. In order to access all your meetings, you first have to connect to your calendar. You can do this by going to Integrations and selecting if you want to connect with Google, Al Look, or both calendars. Once synced, the upcoming meetings page will display all your upcoming meetings. You have the option to join, turn on, or turn off meetings. Additionally, you can manage your settings on the right side, including the option to send a summary email, select language preferences, and choose to join specific platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams.

[Key Takeaways]
| Feature | Description |
| Calendar Integration | Connect with Google, Al Look, or both calendars |
| Meeting Management | Join, turn on, and turn off meetings |
| Language Preferences | Support for more than 30 languages and variations |
| Platform Selection | Choose to join specific platforms for your meetings |

## Accessing and Reviewing Meeting Insights

After the meetings end, you will receive a summary featuring KPIs on engagement, participation, and the most important topics discussed in the call. To access past meetings, you can navigate to the Past meetings tab. Here, you have the option to add tags to associate with the meetings and view the video, audio, transcription, and highlights of the meeting. Additionally, you can share the highlights with your preferred tools and send an email summary to participants or others involved in the call.

[Quote] “The insights feature allows for a comprehensive review of meeting statistics and engagement levels.”

## Exploring Additional Features

To dive into further functionality of the tool, you can explore the left side options. Here you will find the ability to check engagement levels, meeting time, participation, and more. You can share the meeting with others, restrict access, or keep it private.

– Check engagement levels and statistics
– Share meetings and restrict access as needed
– Explore additional tool features

I hope you find this tour easy and enjoyable! See you soon. Thank you. 🌟

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