Learn how to easily install and use the new, free CodeLlama 70B AI. It’s a game-changer!

Code Llama with 70 billion parameters is the real deal for coding pros . The free French LLM AI model is perfect for programmers and works wonders on powerful computers. If you’re looking for a coding challenge, give it a try on AWS for a few dollars an hour. But remember, simplicity is key!

Overview and Features

In today’s tutorial, we will discuss how to install and use CodeLlama, a powerful LLM (large language model) in French that offers 70 billion parameters. With this tool, specialized in coding, programmers can access its numerous features without any financial investment. It’s essential to note that to run this application effectively, you need a powerful computer setup. We will also explore the option of using a virtual machine for this purpose.

LM Studio Application

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Introduction to LM Studio and Virtual Machines

For those not familiar with LM Studio, a detailed tutorial on how to install and use this application is available in the description below. It’s a versatile platform that enables users to easily install and utilize various free models such as Mistral, F Falcon, starcoder, and CodeLlama 70b, which possesses a staggering 70 billion parameters. The narrator may not have a powerful enough computer system to use this model directly, hence requiring the use of a virtual machine.

AWS Services

As an alternative, the narrator demonstrates the use of AWS, which is Amazon’s Cloud-based service. This is a cost-effective method of utilizing a machine powerful enough to run CodeLlama 70b. The narrator shares valuable insights about the cost and practicality of this Cloud service, which extends to other Cloud services like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure as well.

Installation Procedure using LM Studio and Virtual Machine

The narrator demonstrates how to proceed with the installation process of CodeLlama 70b and select the preferred model. Additionally, they consider accessing a machine powerful enough to run the code. Interested viewers can request more information about virtual machines, their functionalities, and the cost involved by leaving a comment.

Coding Game with VS Code

The advanced capabilities of CodeLlama are evident in requesting and testing a coded game – the classic "TIC TAC TOE." We witness the narrator successfully running the basic game using the generated code and the visual studio code. The game executes smoothly, highlighting an integral application of the CodeLlama platform.

Utilizing CodeLlama for Advanced Projects

Furthermore, the narrator ensures that the free CodeLlama tool can be connected with Autogen Studio, enabling the incorporation of diverse agents with varying capabilities. The integrated capabilities of the CodeLlama model offer promising features for coding enthusiasts and programmers.

We hope this insightful overview of installing and utilizing CodeLlama 70b has piqued your interest. Feel free to leave comments sharing your views and any further tutorial requests. Stay tuned for more engaging videos in the future!


To wrap up, the features of CodeLlama 70b, especially its vast library and simple usability, present potential applications in pragmatic coding situations. With the industry’s move towards integration and automation, cost-effective solutions like virtual machines and Cloud services emerge as viable alternatives for users to enjoy sophisticated applications without significant investment.

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