"Entering the Nvidia AI RTX developer contest is like diving into a treasure hunt - you never know what amazing prizes you might uncover. With my speech to image app, I'm turning words into stunning visuals, thanks to Nvidia's tensor RT and stable diffusion. Fingers crossed for that GeForce 49 GPU and in-person pass to the GTC conference! Let's dive into the AI adventure together! ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿš€"


In today's video, we will take a look at the creator's contribution to the Nvidia AI RTX developer contest by creating a simple speech to image app with stable diffusion and tensor RT. The creator will also share about the DLI credits from Nvidia and the contest's processes and requirements.

The Contest Entry Steps

Building the Project

Firstly, to enter the contest, participants need to set up and build their project, using either tensor RT or tensor RT llm, as specified in the contest guidelines. The creator of the speech to image app opted to use tensor RT to create their project.

Sharing the Demo

Once the project is successfully built, contestants are required to share their demos on social media, marking the beginning of their contest entry process.

Submitting the Entry Form

After sharing the demo, participants are then required to submit the entry form in order to complete the contest entry process. This includes providing all relevant information as required by the contest guidelines.

The Contest Prizes

The Nvidia AI contest offers attractive prizes, with three winners having the chance to win a GeForce 49 GPU, a GTC conference in-person pass, and travel expenses to the conference as well as other courses. The creators also highlight the prizes and express their enthusiasm for the possibility of winning these rewards.

The Demo: From Speech to Image

The Flowchart

The creator of the speech to image app provides an insightful flowchart that details the process from using speech as an input prompt, its transcription, to the final image generated using stable diffusion powered by Nvidia tensor RT.

Quality Optimization

With an interactive demo, the creator showcases the process of optimizing the image quality before using speech as an input prompt to generate artistic images.

Sharing Demo on Social Media

Following the creation of the demo, it is important to share it on social media platforms as part of the submission process, allowing others to view and appreciate the work.

Submitting the Entry Form

The completion of the contest entry process involves submitting the entry form, ensuring all details are accurately filled out and linked to relevant repositories.

The Prize: DLI Credits and GTC 2024

Prize Utilization

The creator elaborates on how the DLI credits given by Nvidia to the all-out AI members can be utilized, giving insights into the variety of learning opportunities available through self-paced courses and in-person/virtual workshops at GTC 2024.

Upcoming GTC Conference

A detailed overview of the upcoming Nvidia GTC conference is provided, showcasing the diverse range of workshops and speakers scheduled to make the event an enriching and informative experience.

Conclusion & Future Updates

The video ends with a note on future content and projects, inviting viewers to participate in the Nvidia GTC conference and contests, while also highlighting opportunities available by becoming a member of the channel.

Key Takeaways

The creator's experience and insights into participating in the Nvidia AI RTX developer contest, from project building to sharing demos and submitting entry forms, provides valuable information for individuals seeking to join similar contests and explore innovative technological projects. The utilization of DLI credits and opportunities available at the GTC conference further enriches the contest experience for participants.


Q: What are the key steps involved in entering the Nvidia AI RTX developer contest?

A: The key steps involve building the project, sharing the demo, and submitting the entry form.

Q: How can DLI credits from Nvidia be used?

A: DLI credits available provide access to a variety of educational resources, including self-paced courses, workshops, and in-person/virtual sessions at GTC 2024.


The article provides an insightful overview of the Nvidia AI RTX developer contest entry process, from technical details of project building to the utilization of contest prizes and DLI credits. The informative content and practical guidance make it a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts and contest participants looking to expand their knowledge and engage in the latest developments within the industry.

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