My entire 2024 plan boils down to this: I'm aiming for inner harmony, being intentional with my time, and achieving work-life balance. I'll experiment with a 5-hour workday, simplify my life, and share recipes with loved ones. Also, reaching 100K in email subscribers is on my radar, along with providing mentorship. Let's go, 2024! 💪

Introduction: Design Your Year Challenge 🎵

Welcome to the final week of the Design Your Year Challenge! We have been through decluttering, creating our vision, and now we're ready to plan our best year yet. I'm excited to guide you through my goal-setting system and share how I've made my dreams a reality over the past 4 years.

Setting Your Goals 🌌

Goals that matter to you are the key to making your dreams a reality. Start with brainstorming all the goals you have in mind, and then let's categorize and break them down to make them achievable.

Professional GoalsPersonal Goals
- Reach 100,000 email subscribers- Grow my family
- Provide mentorship to others- Simplify my life
- Launch a new project or community- Make new friends in the neighborhood

Focusing on Quarterly Goals 📅

Breaking down your yearly goals into quarterly targets can help you stay focused and organized. By giving dedicated focus for each quarter, you can set yourself up for success.

Q1: January - March

  • Experiment with a 5-hour workday
  • Host a project community brainstorming session
  • Nourish Notes notion templates completion

Q2: April - June

  • Start a podcast
  • Plan a trip to Korea with my mother
  • Focus on long-form video content for YouTube

Q3: July - September

  • Attract more email subscribers
  • Create more notions templates
  • Launch a premium newsletter

Q4: October - December

  • Simplify my systems and sustainable practices
  • Celebrate hobbies and small wins
  • Take time off and relax

Reflecting on Past Achievements 🌟

As I look back on the previous year, I'm grateful for the accomplishments and the valuable lessons learned. My word for last year was 'connect,' and it led me to focus on video content creation, starting a podcast, and planning two trips to Korea.

Conclusion ✨

The beauty of goal-setting is the ability to adapt and evolve as the year progresses. My plan for this year is to simplify my business systems and find more ease and space. I hope my journey inspires you to design an intentional and fulfilling 2024. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and here's to a happy and successful year ahead! 🎉



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