"Setting up Nextcloud on a Synology NAS is like building your own digital fortress. It's a rollercoaster of Docker, config files, and MariaDB, but once you conquer it, you'll feel like a tech genius. It's not for the faint of heart, but the thrill of hosting your own cloud makes it worth the ride! 🎢"

10 Minute Install of Nextcloud on a Synology NAS (Container Manager / Docker Compose / MariaDB) 🚀

In this article, we'll guide you through the quick and easy process of installing Nextcloud on your Synology NAS using Container Manager, Docker Compose, and MariaDB.

Initial Setup 🛠️

To begin, let's start by going to the unofficial website called linuxserver.io, where we'll find all the required programs for installing Nextcloud on Synology. By following the recommended Docker Compose method, you can easily copy and paste the required link for installation.

NextcloudManage Your Data

Installation Process 📦

After pasting the Docker Compose code block, proceed to the Container Manager on your NAS. While you may not find a Nextcloud app in the official list, you can manually install it. The process will involve setting up your container, followed by the downloading of files to store your data.

Configuration Details ⚙️

As part of the configuration, ensure that the user, group, and other settings are correctly adjusted. You may also need to set up the container path for data storage. Additionally, consider leveraging different port numbers for enhanced security.

Creating the Docker Compose File 🧩

Once you've set up your folder structure and have all the necessary details in place, it's time to create the Docker Compose file for the Nextcloud server. Be sure to map out the correct ports and database configurations according to your requirements.

# Example of Docker Compose File
version: 3
    image: nextcloud:fpm
    container_name: nextcloud-fpm

    image: mariadb
    container_name: nextcloud-db

Finalizing the Installation 🎉

Upon completing all the configurations, make sure your settings are saved, and restart the container. Once the installation is verified and confirmed, you can begin using Nextcloud and manage your data efficiently.

Conclusion 🌟

By following this simple tutorial, you can successfully set up Nextcloud on your Synology NAS within 10 minutes and ensure secure data storage and accessibility.

Key Takeaways 📌

  • Installation of applications on Synology NAS using Docker Compose
  • Configuration details for secure data storage and efficient accessibility


  • How can I manage user access for Nextcloud on Synology NAS?
    • Nextcloud allows for easy user management and permissions for your data stored on Synology NAS.

Glossary of Terms 📓

  • Docker Compose: A tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications using a YAML file
  • Container Manager: The platform for managing Docker application containers
  • MariaDB: A widely used open-source relational database management system

For a more detailed understanding and advanced procedures for database setup and management, refer to the official Nextcloud Documentation provided by Synology NAS. The provided instructions will help you navigate through additional installation options and methods for enhanced data management.



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