Alibaba CloudがWUYING Workspaceを導入、その仕組みとは?

"Alibaba Cloud’s WUYING Workspace is the game-changer in cloud computing. It’s like having your own personal cloud computer magician – creating, managing, and maintaining Cloud computers for businesses with the snap of a finger! The console provides everything you need to control, secure, and customize your cloud computers, making it as easy as pie for end users to access their own cloud computers. It’s like having a pocket full of magic tricks for your business’s IT needs!✨🖥️"


In this episode of cloud forward, we will explore Alibaba Cloud’s WUYING Workspace and how it operates to efficiently create, deploy, manage, and maintain cloud computers for businesses.


Here’s a quick overview of what we will be covering in this article.

Cloud ComputersHow Alibaba Cloud’s WUYING Workspace efficiently manages cloud computers
End User ManagementCreating user accounts and assigning cloud computers
セキュリティ機能Security audit functions and data security measures
Deployment for End UsersThe process for end users to set up and access assigned cloud computers

Administrator’s Management

As an administrator, managing and operating cloud computers is made efficient and easy with the WUYING Workspace console. With clear hierarchy, department structures, and comprehensive management tools, administrators can create accounts for end-users with ease.

Cloud Computer Management

Create AccountsSet up user accounts for end users within the organization structure
System ImagesEfficiently create multiple cloud computers with the same data at one time
Custom ImagesCreate custom images from a pre-configured cloud computer to streamline creation

Cloud Computer Management

Managing cloud computers is hassle-free with the comprehensive management tools and advanced features offered through the WUYING Workspace console.

Security Audit and Data Management

Remote CommandsSend remote commands to cloud computers for troubleshooting and maintenance
Security PoliciesControl the permissions of end users to enhance data security and prevent breaches
App ManagementEfficiently upload and distribute apps to manage the applications on cloud computers

End User Setup Process

When an end user is assigned a cloud computer, the deployment process is seamless, ensuring convenient access to the assigned cloud computer.

Deployment for End Users

Access DetailsReceive email notification with access details and client download link
Client SetupInstall and set up the client with provided login and connect to cloud
Hardware SetupChoose and set up the hardware terminal for cloud computer access


Alibaba Cloud’s WUYING Workspace provides a user-friendly platform for administrators and end users to efficiently manage and access cloud computers, ensuring data security and seamless deployment processes.


  • Q: What operating systems are supported by WUYING Workspace?
    • A: WUYING Workspace currently supports Windows and MacOS operating systems, along with web client access for installation-free access.

If you’re interested in learning more about Alibaba Cloud’s WUYING Workspace, visit the link in the description. Stay tuned for more cloud forward videos in the future!