Is nOS even worse? Check out our review of MakOS, the new operating system for Nintendo Switch.

"Mac OS, more like nOS but worse! Red Deer Games has done it again with their shameless ripoff of the Nintendo Switch operating system. It’s so unoriginal that even the original looks good in comparison. From the basic calculator to the lackluster to-do list and the terrible snake game, this knockoff has no creativity. And to top it off, the cute animal images were stolen from a website. This cheap imitation better not stick around for long! 😒đŸšĢ"

🎮 Comparison of NOS and Mac OS

So it appears as though our good friends over at desol games are at it again with the game stealing and this time round they’ve only gone and ripped off one of the most pointless titles a to Grace the switch eShop as red deer games noos new operating system becomes the Mac OS operating system a challenging and entertaining Journey Through the Timeless game play of the Beloved game whatever the that means and they probably thought they had a clever play on words going on right there but it’s a knockoff s shallow and saw unoriginal that even the original looks good in comparison but let’s do exactly that let’s compare the two and see just how little creativity this developer really has.

Similarities and Differences

Starting off with the main dashboard, we can see that the layout is pretty much identical by a couple of icons having switched places. Unlike NOS which had you moving an on screen screen cursor, Mac OS only lets you select between the available icons. The options menu has send settings rather than the language and cursor speeds of Nos.

NOS FeaturesMac OS Features
Moving on-screen cursorSelection between icons
Language and cursor speedsSend settings

The calculator is a very basic calculator, unlike the Red Deer Games version, it has an ability to perform complex calculations. The to-do list is even simpler, allowing you to add items and then tick them off with a 10 item limit instead of 50.

  • Calculator: Basic vs. Complex
  • To-do list: 10 item limit vs. 50

Low Effort Game Making

The notebook is pretty much the same, where you can add simple notes to it but you’re also limited to 10. Mac OS takes things one step further featuring the worst rendition of snake that I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. It’s literally just a floating ball and a Sprite piece of candy and undoubtedly the Pinnacle of low effort game making. The last thing that both operating systems have in common though is the gallery, and just like NOS, this has a bunch of different images in it which can be set as your desktop background.

Basic notebookSimple notes – 10 item limit
Unique game additionsWorst rendition of snake
Gallery with imagesDesktop background options

🎨 Asset Theft and Licensing

Debolt games and the like are notorious for stealing assets, and so I went ahead and did a bit of digging. I discovered that the animal Sprites have actually been taken from a website called free pick and were created by a user called Catalyst store. Looking at the terms and conditions in the licensing agreement on the website, it states that these images shouldn’t be used in printed or electronic items including electronic devices apps or video games. Hopefully though this will see that Mac OS doesn’t stick around for long because that’s about all you’re getting with this one, a cheap knockoff of an already shitty title which has about a million versions available.

Copyright Issues

Implementing such a feature was clearly far too much effort to be bothered with for these so-called developers so they simply didn’t bother. I felt it only right that I informed the creator of the situation who got back to me saying that they didn’t have permission should have bought a license and asked for the contact details.

IssueAction Taken
Copyright infringementInforming the creator
Asset theft and licensingEmailing the copyright team

🎮 Conclusion

That just about does it for this one; let me know what you thought about it and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel for more Nintendo switch content. Thanks to the patrons of the channel for their ongoing support and to you, the viewers for watching. Until next time, take care of yourselves and game on!

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