Hugging Face Assistant is a game-changer! It's like having your own custom GPT for free, unlike OpenAI's Custom GPT that requires chbd+. With hugging face, you can create assistants for different tasks, like coding, and even share them with others. The best part? It's easy and completely free. Plus, there are even more features coming soon! 😎🚀


On November 6th, 2023, Open AI announced the release of custom GPTs during Dev Day. These custom GPTs allow users to create and customize chat GPTs for specific use cases without the need for coding. However, access to this feature was limited to those with chbd plus subscriptions. In response, Hugging Face introduced an alternative that is completely free and very similar to Open AI's custom GPT.

Introducing Hugging Face Assistants 🤖

Hugging Face Assistants are a free alternative to create custom GPTs that can function as personal assistants. There have been recent partnerships with big companies, providing free subscriptions to AI tools for Patreon members.

Creating Your Own GPT with Hugging Face 🌟

Hugging Face introduced a custom GPT that enables users to easily generate their own assistants. These assistants can streamline business growth and improve efficiency, with access to daily AI news, resources, and more.

Flexibility and Capabilities of Hugging Face Assistants 💡

The Hugging Face custom GPT offers more flexibility compared to Open AI's custom GPT. Users can select models and create custom GPTs allocated to open-source models, offering a wide range of capabilities in various categories.

Getting Started with Hugging Face Assistants 🚀

Hugging Face provides the opportunity to create and share different prompts, select models, and set system prompts for custom GPTs.

The Future of Hugging Face Assistants 🌐

Hugging Face plans to add features such as function calling, web searching capabilities, and generating assistant thumbnails with AI, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.


Hugging Face Assistants offer a free and flexible alternative to custom GPTs for creating personal assistants and streamlining various business tasks. The platform's continuous advancements make it a valuable resource for leveraging AI capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Hugging Face's free alternative to custom GPTs offers flexibility and accessibility for creating custom personal assistants.
  • The platform's future developments, including function calling and web searching capabilities, further enhance its utility.


  1. What is the primary differentiator between Hugging Face's custom GPT and Open AI's custom GPT?

    • Hugging Face's custom GPT offers more flexibility and allows users to select models, providing a wide range of capabilities across various categories.
  2. How can users access Hugging Face Assistants?

    • Users can visit the Hugging Face website to create and share different prompts, select models, and set system prompts for custom GPTs.

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  • "These models are basically on par in certain cases with chat GPT's GPT 4 model, and you would basically get the same output as you would with GPT 4's responses." - Comparing Model Capabilities

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