Interview questions and answers for manual testing | Mock interviews for experienced manual testers

  • Experience and ability to prioritize bugs and plan testing strategies are key insights in manual testing.
  • User-focused testing ensures thorough coverage of requirements and secures the quality of the website.
  • Attention to stress and negative testing scenarios is crucial for comprehensive testing coverage. πŸš€

Introduction πŸ‘‹

Manual testing is an essential part of software development, and those experienced in this field must be well-versed in a range of tools and processes. In this mock interview, Angelie shares her insights and experiences as an analyst with a focus on manual and automation testing.

Experience and Background πŸ“

Angelie highlights her background in technology and a keen interest in manual and automation testing. With experience in several tools and domain knowledge, she demonstrates her understanding of the processes involved in integration testing and bug tracking.

Role and Responsibilities πŸ“Š

Olivia delves into her role and responsibilities, emphasizing the focus on bug tracking with tools such as Catalyst and Prova. Her experiences with Selenium and Java further showcase her expertise, while her clarity regarding manual testing, test plans, and tracking tools adds depth to the discussion.

Testing Techniques πŸ§ͺ

Angelie elaborates on her approach to manual testing, detailing the importance of thorough scenario testing and the need to cater to various scenarios. Her explanation of considering test parameters, testing techniques, and criteria is a testament to her expertise in the field.

Bug Tracking and Prioritization 🐞

The conversation shifts towards Angelie’s approach to bug tracking and prioritization. She deftly explains how to prioritize bugs based on impact and functionality, showcasing a well-rounded understanding of bug management.

Traceability Matrix πŸ“Š

With the discussion moving to traceability matrix and requirement mapping, Angelie smoothly explains the role of these matrices and their relationship to requirements and scenarios. Her ability to simplify complex concepts is commendable.

Test Strategy for E-commerce Websites πŸ›’

Angelie begins by outlining her test strategy for e-commerce websites, emphasizing the need for detailed and comprehensive testing. Her detailed explanation of functional and non-functional testing strategies portrays a deep understanding of testing processes.

Planning and Management πŸ“…

Angelie shares insights into test planning, management, and considerations for different testing environments. Her clarity regarding the testing process and the sequence of testing phases showcases her holistic approach.

Test Scenarios and Interview Insights πŸš€

The conversation concludes with Angelie sharing valuable insights into preparing for manual testing interviews, including test scenarios, stress testing, and UI/UX scenarios. Her ability to blend technical aspects with practical insights shines through in this discussion.


Angelie’s expertise in manual testing and her ability to articulate intricate concepts with ease reflects her strong command in the field. Her experiences, insights, and approach undoubtedly make her a valuable asset in the realm of software testing.

Key Takeaways πŸ”‘

  • Angelie’s diverse experience in manual and automation testing is a testament to her proficiency in the field.
  • Her insights into bug tracking, testing strategies, and interview preparation are invaluable to aspiring and experienced professionals alike.

This comprehensive interview demonstrates the depth and breadth of expertise required in manual testing, with Angelie’s experiences and insights serving as valuable guidance for professionals in the field.

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