ICT Charter Price Action Model 7 – Trading Plan & Algorithmic Theory

ICT Charter Price Action Model 7: Trade Plan & Algorithmic Theory

The market can be wild, like trying to tame a tornado and predicting where it’ll land. Understanding market structure is crucial – it’s like reading the stars. Always keep an eagle eye on events and the calendar. When markets are primed for a drop, be ready to go short. It’s like a dance – know when to sell high and when to buy low. And remember, in this game, knowing when to get out is as important as knowing when to get in. This dance can be a wild ride, so be patient and disciplined – and always have a plan. Know your risk, know your limits, and always be prepared for the unexpected. Stay sharp, stay smart, and remember, there’s always another trade around the corner. Happy trading!

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Preparation Stage πŸ“Š

The ICT price action model number 7 provides a universal trade plan, comprising five stages – preparation, discovery, planning, trade, and trade management. It is aimed at medium to high risk-takers who follow specific markets and study events, market structure, and economic calendars to determine trade ideas.

Determining Trade Bias Table

Data RangeDescription
Over 20 daysDetermining the IPTO Data Ranges
20 – 60 DaysWeekly Bias and Economic Volatility
60 Trading DaysPrice Movement Range Assessment
Universal PlanMarket Structure Analysis

Trade Setup πŸ“ˆ

The market can be analyzed in different stages to speculate and manage trade. The analysis includes stages of redistribution, setting bearish trade anticipation, and managing potential opportunities based on the economic calendar. It focuses on identifying potential entry points and setting profit and stop-loss targets.

Management Strategies List

  • Placing Limits On Entry
  • Enforcing Risk Plans
  • Calculating Ideal Lot Sizes
  • Recovering Losses Through Smart Trading

Algorithmic Analysis 🎯

In the world of markets, understanding various scenarios is of utmost importance. By analyzing and preparing for potential market moves, traders can position themselves smartly and anticipate potential profit and loss scenarios based on market liquidity, seller-side and buyer-side market maker models, and geopolitical factors.

Market Liquidity Quote

"Understanding liquidity signatures and market maker models are key to gaining an edge in the market."

Price Action Analysis πŸ”

Market setups for short and long-term trading require an understanding of liquidity, reaccumulation, and distribution phases. It is essential to analyze trade setups in a comprehensive manner, especially focusing on the scenarios of bullish and bearish market conditions and their potential implications.

Distinction Between Market Models Table

Market ModelDescription
Sale LiquidityParabolic Runs
Buyer LiquidityBottom-Finding Opportunities

Commodity Market Insights πŸ“‰

The commodities market offers unique insights into market behavior, especially in times of economic and geopolitical turmoil. By analyzing trends in energy prices, grains, and fuel, traders can predict market movements and align their trading strategies to maximize returns.

Energy Price Assessment List

  • Effects of Market Conditions on Commodities
  • Analyzing Price Movements in Energy and Fuel
  • The Role of Geopolitical Factors in Commodity Trading
  • Potentials for Parabolic Price Moves


Understanding the ICT Charter Price Action Model 7 is crucial for traders looking to navigate the dynamic world of markets. By following the strategies presented in the model, traders can position themselves optimally and anticipate market moves with higher confidence. This comprehensive framework serves as a valuable tool in the trader’s toolbox.

Key Takeaways

  • Five-stage trade plan for market analysis
  • Strategic management of trade entries and exits
  • Insights into algorithmic analysis for smarter trading
  • Distinctions between buyer and seller liquidity models

If you are looking to sharpen your trading skills and adapt to different market scenarios, this model provides a must-have framework for strategic decision-making and position management. Utilize the insights to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of trading.

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