IBM’s Latest: Think 2024, IBM Cloud Reservations, and Verdantix’s Sustainability Rankings.

Think 2024 promises to be a wild ride, guiding you on your AI journey from readiness to scaling and embedding. IBM Cloud reservations help minimize spending risk, while Verdantix hailed IBM’s ESG Suite as a market leader in carbon management software. Exciting times ahead, folks! 🚀 #IBM #Think2024 #AIJourney

🌟 IBM’s Annual Conference: Think 2024

The upcoming Think 2024

At this year’s Think 2024, IBM’s annual conference taking place from May 20th to 23rd in Boston, attendees will explore best practices for AI readiness and scalability, as well as immersive experiences to understand how an open, trusted, targeted, and empowered AI and hybrid Cloud Foundation leads to scale across core business functions and industry needs.

💡 Key Takeaways
– A unique and engaging experience at Think 2024.
– Opportunity to hear best practices for AI readiness and scalability.
– The chance to learn about building a blueprint for becoming a company that leads with AI.

Latest from IBM: IBM Cloud Reservations

IBM is introducing IBM Cloud reservations on IBM Cloud virtual servers for VPC. This new offering aims to help organizations reserve virtual servers in a specific IBM Cloud availability zone and data center, leading to locked-in cost efficiency, consistent monthly payments, guaranteed capacity and availability, flexibility in provisioning, and fast deployment in minutes.

📝 Conclusion
IBM Cloud reservations help minimize spending risk and create more predictable budgeting environments within Enterprise Cloud environments.

🌟 IBM’s Green Initiatives: Verdantix’s Green Quandrant

IBM Named Market Leader by Verdantix

Banxs has named IBM and Invisi ESG Suite as a market leader in their report titled "Green Quandrant: Enterprise carbon management software 2023". IBM stands out as the first of only three vendors highlighted for their ability to leverage AI. Invisi earned the highest scores for its data acquisition, data management, and data aggregation capabilities within the report. This recognition underscores IBM’s commitment to addressing greenhouse gas data capture, calculation, and analysis needs, as well as streamlining reporting and disclosure requirements.

To learn more and read the report, click the link below.

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