How I study Programming (Python & Javascript)

Studying programming can be a drag, but finding a project you love can make all the difference. Whether it’s building a social network or creating a 2D game, finding something that captivates you is key. Practice, persistence, and creativity are essential. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks – they’re all part of the learning process! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸš€

πŸŽ“ Discover Your Passion and Turn It into a Project

In this video, I want to highlight something different, explaining my approach to learning and refining my programming skills. Many people are troubled with figuring out an efficient way to learn and carry on with their studies without being overwhelmed. Whether it be the relentless pursuit of knowledge or seeking employment, it can often be challenging to feel like you are progressing and easily leads to losing motivation.

It’s something I’m well-acquainted with myself, especially when it comes to starting out, amidst the demands of work. By working through these challenges and navigating your way through the confusing maze of uncertainty, you can propel yourself forward. I will share my insights on learning without a dramatic, intensive routine, reliably and effectively. It’s all about doing something I love. No matter if it’s creating a virtual casino, managing data, or developing a simple, online game, before you know it, you’ll be creating, modifying, and updating content. All of these revolve around one central action: coding. This principle remains consistent, no matter the project, despite the changes in the context.

🧐 Find Your Inspiration to Dive Deep

One example of what inspired me came from my enjoyment of constructing dynamic web pages (networks of content and social interaction) and indulging in strategic online games (requiring skill development while competing against an opponent). The integration and interplay between the two enabled me to reinforce the essentials required for taking the role of a junior programmer. By advancing through over 100 projects, over half of which are devoid of any commercial value, I have achieved mastery. It’s quite a remarkable feat.

Key Takeaways

| Tips on Skill Enhancement |

| Pursue projects that you are passionate about |
| Master coding skills through practical application|
| Knuckle down on projects that intrigue you |

🌟 The Importance of Practical Application

Some of the skills I developed along the way include testing user interfaces, gaining performance insights, and optimizing server deployment costs. I honed my skills in back-end development, fine-tuning my ability to construct a robust and comprehensive scalable system. Engaging in practical projects has been instrumental in shaping my problem-solving abilities and preparing me for potential opportunities. By channeling my curiosity and tenacity, I uncovered incredible breakthroughs as I ventured into unknown territories and technologies.

πŸš€ The Power of Diverse and Practical Experience

Practical skills provide you with concrete experiences to share in interviews. I undertook various projects and encountered a host of challenges and enigmas. Some tasks had no commercial application, such as crafting a social network or developing 2D games. Despite this, I was able to reveal multiple accomplishments during my portfolio review. This expanded my scope of knowledge related to crucial industry tools and methodologies. Each project and every challenge offers an opportunity for expansion.

πŸ’¬ Overcoming Interview Hurdles

Each critical juncture encountered during interviews can be an opportunity for growth. It’s not only about demonstrating an expansive skill set, but also about honing your conversational skills. Feedback and interaction should drive improvement. When you encounter a wall or present your projects and code, it’s what you say and how you say it that shapes the impression. Negative feedback serves as the foreshadowing of a positive transformation.


I firmly advocate for embracing projects and instilling creative flair into your work. By tailoring your endeavors aligned with your interests, you can drive your learning process and build an alluring portfolio. This approach helps you stand out among your competitors, paving the way to tackle the challenges with undeniable fortitude. Remember to join our community on Discord, where guidance and a wealth of resources are readily available. Together, let’s venture fearlessly into the ever-evolving programming realm!

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