Greensock (GSAP) Landing Page Animation for an engaging website intro using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Creating a mind-blowing website animation is like cooking a gourmet meal – it takes time, skill, and the right ingredients. By using GSAP timeline, you can add flair to your website that will leave visitors speechless. Just like a master chef, you can craft a visual feast that will keep them coming back for more. 🎨🚀


While browsing through Goodly, I stumbled upon a website featuring a stunning landing page animation. Inspired by what I saw, I decided to recreate it using Gap timeline. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to achieve this animation and demonstrate how to set up a sequence of timeline animations using Gap.

Setting Up Navigation

We start by setting up the navigation in the usual way, consisting of three main components: the logo, navigation links, and the contact link. The layout is organized into three columns with specific items in each column.

LogoLogo component
Navigation LinksLinks for navigation
Contact LinkLink for contact

Building the Structure

We then set up a container to house all items, each with specific classes for custom styling. The structure includes div, paragraphs, images, and navigation.

Adding Styling

After setting the basic structure, we moved on to adding styling. This involved resetting margins, setting box sizing to border box, organizing the elements using display Flex, and adjusting widths and heights.

BodyHeight, width, overflow properties
ImagesWidth, height, object fit
LinksColor, font size, and weight
NavigationPosition, padding, and flexbox layout

Applying Animations

We added event listeners to set the initial position of text elements and established default duration and easing for all animations. Using a timeline with an initial delay, we created animations for revealing header letters, scaling images, and revealing item copy and navigation.


By breaking down the animations into small parts and using the Gap timeline, it’s possible to build a series of timeline animations that bring a web page to life. I hope you found this guide helpful and enjoyable.

Key Takeaways

  • Gap timeline can be used to create stunning website animations
  • Structuring HTML elements is crucial for setting up animations effectively


  • What is Gap timeline?
  • How can animations elevate website design?


Now it’s time to use these formatting and generate the article. Excited to see the results!

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