Google has officially renamed Bard to Gemini and launched a specialized Android app.

Google’s AI chat system, Bard, transforms into Gemini with a slick Android app. 🌌 Now, it’s not just a chat companion; it’s a powerhouse for tasks. From drafting emails to tutoring, Gemini Advanced unleashes ultra 1.0, handling coding, logical reasoning, and even sparking creative projects. πŸš€ Evolution at your fingertips!


Google has renamed its experimental AI chat system, Bard, to Gemini. The company aims to compete with ChatGPT by providing direct access to its AI models. Gemini is now available as a dedicated Android app in the Play Store, offering various features like helping write emails, business plans, and social media posts. It can also be used as an educational tool and to save specific details for improving the AI chatbot over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Renaming: Google renamed its AI chat system from Bard to Gemini.
  • Competition: Google aims to compete with ChatGPT in the AI chat system market.
  • Features: Gemini offers various features, including writing assistance, educational tools, and saving details for improving the chatbot.
  • Pro Version: Google is launching a pro version called Gemini Advanced, which provides access to its largest AI model, Ultra 1.0, capable of complex tasks like coding and logical reasoning.

Google Gemini Application:

The Google Gemini application is available for free on the Play Store. It offers features such as typing requests, attaching photos for context, and using the microphone for voice commands. The app also suggests tasks and provides access to recent requests.

Gemini Advanced:

Gemini Advanced, the pro version of Google Gemini, offers access to Ultra 1.0, Google’s largest AI model. It can handle complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, and creative projects. Google provides examples of how Gemini Advanced can be useful, such as being a personal tutor or assisting digital creators.


Google’s renaming of Bard to Gemini and the release of the dedicated Android app mark significant advancements in the company’s AI capabilities. With Gemini, users can access powerful AI models for various tasks, ranging from writing assistance to advanced coding. The future updates to Gemini Advanced promise even more capabilities, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.


Q: Can Gemini Advanced be used as a personal tutor?
A: Yes, Gemini Advanced can act as a personal tutor by providing step-by-step instructions, sample quizzes, and discussions on specific topics.

Q: Is Gemini Advanced capable of handling complex coding tasks?
A: Yes, Gemini Advanced can handle advanced coding tasks, making it a valuable tool for developers and programmers.

Q: Can Gemini Advanced help digital creators with content ideas?
A: Yes, Gemini Advanced can assist digital creators by generating content ideas, analyzing trends, and brainstorming ways to grow their audience.

Key Takeaways Table:

Key Takeaways
Google renamed its AI chat system from Bard to Gemini.
Gemini offers features like writing assistance and educational tools.
Gemini Advanced provides access to Google’s largest AI model, Ultra 1.0.
Gemini can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.
The app is available as a replacement for Google Assistant or other personal assistants.

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