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Google’s misuse of news publisher data leads to massive fines and layoffs, with France levying a $270 million penalty. The ongoing dispute stems from Google’s disregard for fair compensation to news publishers and its use of their content for AI training. The endless saga between Google and France continues, revealing Google’s struggles with the shifting legal landscape. Furthermore, the recent intervention by the French competition authority exposes Google’s use of news content for its AI platform, triggering significant consequences. Despite Google’s defense, it must abide by upcoming AI legislation, facing no technical opt-out. Shocking and distressing developments for Google’s future! 😱


Google has been hit with a $270 million fine in France by the competition authority due to its use of news publisher data, sparking a never-ending saga between the tech giant and the French competition authority.

Key Takeaways

Google fined €250 million due to data usage from news publishersThe fine amounts to around $270 million
Google failed to notify news publishers about AI data usageCompetition Authority found fault with Google
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Google’s History of Run-ins with French Competition Authority

In an ongoing legal battle between Google and the French competition authority, the tech giant has once again found itself in hot water due to its use of news publisher data. The authority found that Google still failed to meet its commitments with news publishers.

Response from Google

"Today’s enforcement by France competition Authority shows it haed in on Google’s use of content from news publishing agencies for training purposes for its AI Foundation model and its related AI chatboard service Bard."

List of Google’s Violations

  • The dispute dates back to 2019 when the European Union extended copyright protection to news headlines and snippets.
  • Google sought to evade the law by switching off Google news in France, but the competition authority stepped in, finding this action abusive.

"Google has agreed not to contest the author author’s latest finding in exchange. However, it’s clear that Google really wants to draw a line under the Saga this time with Connell."

Google’s Defense and Upcoming AI Legislation

Google contends that it has not violated any rules and is making moves to comply with incoming AI legislation to avoid further legal entanglements.

Don’t challenge on this point, the defense is twofold. The competition Authority does not challenge how web content is used to improve newer products like gen, and the upcoming AI legislation will also hold developers accountable.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Google’s relationship with French competition authorities has been fraught with conflict due to its use of news publishers’ data. The tech giant faces significant fines and compliance issues as it attempts to navigate the legal landscape and avoid further disputes.

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