The owner of Antiva Audio's 3D Box Custom is an audio powerhouse. Their speciality, the 10-inch SPL, tops at $9,000. Add 10 and it's a whopping $10,000. Their full SPL set is a steal at nine grand. Can't forget about the Maf 10.3 speakers 😎. Hit them up for custom orders!

🎼 Business Talk About the Costumizable 3D Box Speaker

In this article, we are going to explore the new customizable 3D Box speakers and check out the owner of Antiva Audio. We will better understand how the speakers are made and the cost of this interesting business.

📈 Owner's Visit and Product Unveil

Today will be spent hearing an owner, the Antiva Audio owner. The owner is getting their sound checked today. The finishing touches were put on the place, including with some supervision present.

💼 Box Estimates

We began with getting the conversion of the box owner's expectations into real-time designs. The price of the custom boxes has been discussed at around Rp. 9 million per box, and they will contain 10-inch SPL audio. We discovered that there are three boxes currently in the making.

📦 Quality Ensured

The owner made sure the boxes included all the details covered in the plan. The completion of the set will be 10 juta rupiah (Rp. 10,000,000). These boxes are part of a sound system that will be ideal for any environment, and the potential for customization.

😃 Engaging Even Further

We then engaged in discussions about the fittings of the box cover and some electrical cables that were processed. Questions were asked to confirm the minimum amount needed to order, as well as if the boxes could be ordered separately from the rest of the audio equipment.

🎶 Ultimate Purchase Guide

A checklist was highlighted for buyers, which included all of the standard finishing items for the boxes. A simple empty box cannot be ordered with fewer specifications than a complete set of speakers. The cost would be approximately 4.5 juta rupiah (Rp. 4,500,000).

💰 Budgeting Tips

Customers aiming to find the most affordable deals were presented with some ideas. It was stated that there are possibilities of owning 8 boxes for under Rp. 9,000,000. For those interested in ordering in bulk, there were options to get the speakers 4D LAVOS 10.3 for Rp. 10,000,000 for two boxes at a lower cost.

🎵 Get Ready to Collaborate

Conversations are now open for more requests as the custom Audion system is carved into handmade pieces. There is a lot to do at Antiva Audio - stay tuned for more exciting updates.

This summary uses the provided text to convey a friendly and engaging look into the world of customizable 3D boxes for audio systems.

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