This Notion mood journal and tracker template is the bomb dot com! It's like having a personal mood detective, keeping track of every mood swing and activity. You can reflect on your feelings and even create a mood-boosting menu of activities to lift your spirits. It's like having a mood coach in your pocket! 📔🕵️‍♂️📈

⭐ Sections of the Template

Upon opening the template, you will find several sections:

🌟 My Mood Board

Displays a variety of pre-included moods.

📅 My Mood Tracker

Allows tracking based on the calendar.

📌 Quick Links

On the left-hand side, includes:

  • Reminders to Myself
  • Mood Tracker Report
  • Mood Boosters
  • Uplifting Media Gallery
  • Quick Add Mood Journal Entry Button

💭 Adding a Mood Journal Entry

To start, you can easily add a new mood tracker entry with key details and reflection prompts. You can choose moods, add activities, consumption, weather, social interactions, hours of sleep, and additional notes.

🌈 Reflecting on Moods

You can reflect on individual moods, describe the mood, feelings, and related situations, as well as track your mood data on the mood board.

🔗 Quick Links Overview

A section displaying all reminders and allows for toggling between different reminders based on your mood for the day.

📊 Mood Tracker Report

Provides a comprehensive overview of your mood and mood-related activities on a weekly and monthly basis, helping identify patterns and correlations.

🚀 Mood Boosters

Categorizes mood-boosting activities into quick boosters, relaxing activities, and energizing activities, aiming to uplift your mood immediately.

🖼️ Uplifting Media Gallery

A collection of media including poetry, music, photos, and videos that can uplift your mood and make you feel better.

🌟 Conclusion

The mood journal and tracker in Notion is a powerful tool for managing and reflecting on your moods. From tracking and journaling to accessing mood-boosting activities, it offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining mental well-being.

Principaux enseignements

  • Notion's mood journal and tracker template is a versatile tool that integrates mood tracking, reflection, and mood-boosting activities.
  • Easily log mood journal entries with pre-filled details and reflection prompts.
  • The template provides comprehensive reports to analyze mood trends and patterns, aiding in understanding emotional well-being.


  • How do I access the Notion mood journal and tracker template?
  • Can I customize the mood categories and reflection prompts in the template?
  • What are the benefits of using the mood boosters in the template?

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